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  1. no problem glad we can help and my team is always with open arms to help the community. as far as ur donations we very much are thankful for them and that we know they will be going to a good home. we always are online and we either farm or power level and anyone is welcome unless we are practing for an event or if we are helping another person at a time. we are always online and wanna meet everyone and build this game back up to what it was before *duping* came into it. hope with the communitys help and these donations we have/get it will be possible. but its all thanks to the community reall
  2. hey just got done talking with the team for you and we will be trying to farm you some and alc labs or just looking in chests. if you would like to join us in farming send me a message :) glad we could help you :)
  3. always does man and the community and us thank you alot for all ur donations and help and time. you have made alot of these people happy just by donating items. we all appriciate it and we cant wait to see what you have next for us were already guessing and next time ur on id like to join you to talk with you about an idea i have and see if you would like to help out with it Thanks soul_train7
  4. ok so to help the community more and help others out too. TEAM T.U.F are doing an item swap to help players get something as well as donate we have a ton of things as well to pick from just as armor, weapons, pets and also you may request an item for us to farm for you. No event items MSG anyone of us VIA psn: don-lia jinx1717 Soul_train7 If you wanna donate or would like to be a part of this team msg me(Soul_train7) we are always looking for new players to help and meet :)
  5. http://ddplanner.com/?l=18679,ps3-portal-defense-insane-build 87 huntress and 81 appritence build
  6. Donation Day is in Contests/giveaway check it out and sign up for some awsome stuff we are always on so you can msg me or my friend Pinta-junior or Soul_train7 we will anwser all questions and please spread the word the more sign up the more people would wanna play :)
  7. you forgot one rhing how we suppose to invite you lol :)
  8. Donations day will be held on 10/10 and 10/11 from 2-8 EST after a while we are now ready to give to the community. we have alot of weapons and pets 1 pet and weapon per player first come first serve we do ask you have a mic to communicate with us too if you dont its ok we still want you to sign up needed to sign up: hero levels psn time
  9. i have some 100+ armor if your looking just msg me on psn let me know
  10. thank you but im not the only one man. my friend and i are doing it and its just something we do for the community also
  11. we are lacking on shais and monk weapons so we are trying to get some more ddue to so many people signed up last time we want everyone to be statisfied with what they get. if you or anyone else you know or reads this that wanna donate send me a msg via psn same name as here and let me know im always online
  12. yes please i have some suprises for them too just as well :)
  13. middo can i join ur game and talk with you i have a few ideas and would like to talk my psn is same as my name here just msg me via psn
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