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  1. we gonna miss u. you help alot of ppl here but i think u will reborn here with new name(hope so) btw see ya in game sincerely a friend! :squire:
  2. Items Bugged? :O[PS3] Usa Version fully patched and all DLC installed. Hey this strange thing happ to me today i was playing on glitter insane and on end i found that nasty surprise and this Is there any way to fix it?... hope dont have to lose the item! Tnx. PSN: ValeBibi
  3. Hey guys im wondering about if someone can do some runs on insane+ rampart glitter wherever u want... btw i dont have a good builder pme on game or add friend to ValeBibi tnx alot ppl :huntress:
  4. Name: John PSN: ValeBibi Time: 12:00 pm to 8:00pm.
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