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  1. I agree if you caught fridayz devstream you coukd see the new ui they are working on really sweet looking stuff bro
  2. this HTML class. Value is http://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com what i use hope it helps
  3. Psn shekeone69 I got 4 builders all 650-670 ipwr and dps huntress and app looking for chill peeps to farm with and just have a good time I also stream sometimes follow me on twitch at shekestah420
  4. I agree we should be able to view other players gear thats what keeps me from playing public
  5. Some people are just starting to get into the game so I will have lots of feedback dd1 on console was my pleasure hopefully Dd2 can spark the same flame for me
  6. I run liferoot all day everyday on nm4 psn shekeone69
  7. I have a hard time playing it we just miss the good ol days
  8. I can't talk for all but these items ruined the game for me thank you
  9. I love this topic I wanna say that I belive both sides to the coin I wanna say they are op but that's not the right term they are very good items compared to what's possible in game ruining it for me to be in game otherwise unless doing an event I guess it's just me and it will tickle everyone one watt or another, on the other hand I get it why make junk weapons lets change it up yay all that fun stuff I can respect that and do appreciate the time you guys put in on these events. I really do. For me though it makes me not want to play at all why farm I'll just wait every two weeks for these aw
  10. In my opinion all these items are op in the sense it's ruining the point of farming makes all effort I put in worthless I'm better off waiting every other week smashing the event and get my op item.that's my point of view, on the other hand I can see where everyone else is coming from trying to make other characters useable or viable I understand and can respect that but to me that's trendys job not the community again my opinion other than that keep on keeping on
  11. Ty captain obvious we all know this no one asked for it was using that as a refrence in our argument Lol
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