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  1. Found the solution, all I had to do was to change the download region area on the steam settings and I was ready to go! This means that DD community is separated into different regions...
  2. My firewall is fine, it allows dungeon defenders connection.
  3. On Ranked, I even set 0 lvl restriction
  4. Hello! I can host my own games and shops, but It´s strange that no body join either of them. And I´m running maps like akatiti jungle, king´s game...etc. Any help will be great!!
  5. I'll try and fit some sets together from what I have later today, I'll contact you on steam granjefe EDIT: I managed to put together 4 capping trans or better sets, let me know if more is needed, also got a bunch of capping ult builder weapons, 1 last builder pet and some acc. I've added you on steam, let me know when and what you wanna pick up. Thanks for the help bergzwerver! Now I'm doing some more mystimyre survival to get some mana for my upgrades and if I'm lucky to find more good armors.
  6. Hi!, I'd like to get a trans armor set if you guys have one to give away, I really need help with my builders. Thanks!
  7. Hi Ez! and for a barbarian the obsidian wpn or steam saw in sky city
  8. Hi Omm!, what lvl do my characters need to be in order to wear those weapons?
  9. Hello Rangerz I'll be happy with any piece of chest.
  10. I just moved from PS3 to PC. I hope to see you there guys!
  11. I just have a 227 Oculus for lv. 83. I wish I had a 200+ Shai Hulud.
  12. Hi Rangerz!! I will try to log in. PSN Omii132
  13. To all my friends! thank you for playing DD with me. Specially Cloud_Strife, RH Altamira, Mexican 007, Rey Endimion, NinjaShazk, Dragon Divino, Cdmartinez, leohackmx, So_Sad_Moreira, Yordyc16, X1cristofer1X, Johana1807, El Duraco v2, Ratchet_85, TRG 59.... Let me know who is going to PC, I got it a while back on Steam when there was a sale of the year edition but never touch it because you guy were here on PS3. Have a good DD party if you get together! ;)
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