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  1. Haha, nice, if you don't want that I'll gladly take it off your hands and just stick on my 90 wall mage lol
  2. people do need to realise that this system is 1. will not work for everyone 2. will not be very precise 3. may only work up to half the time 4. possibly predict the exact opposite ^This... gave me a good laugh :) I definitely think Dredd hit the nail on the head. Even if the creator(s) were to tell you you can't predict your drops (like others that are far more knowledgable in this field have already stated) I feel you would still argue to them that they're wrong and you still can and would continue your "tests". And then when you got your "predictions" right even 25% of the time you w
  3. Congrats! And if you had told me the exact time you turned your PS3 on when we were trading I could've saved you the trouble and just told you exactly when you were going to pull the 235^ so you could've run assault until the monster pull to save time...
  4. Hmmm, doesn't make much sense seeing as you possiblely could get more people in. 360 XP events have always been days after the PS3 one (ever since I started doing them) so I'm not surprised your sign-up thread is posted later. Also, having it posted earlier doesn't allow us to get more people because if you read it you will see that they only have 80 slots (more or less) available and last month they only did 60 slots.
  5. With hero boost I can make 1,200,000 dps, personnally, and my monk is only lvl 84 I'm pretty sure those numbers Dredd gave are when your monk is naked because without any armour or a pet on you can hit 1,038,905 with hero boost when using only The Great Gospel if you respec properly (120 in hero damage and 120 in hero boost)
  6. Invest all/Pro Mode, stop tavern duping and especially stop wave skipping so people can stop with the subtle "complaining" and stupid excuses. EDIT: Had to change some of the wording to avoid a warning/infraction :)
  7. I still see people carrying them around an all....I just made like 5 disappear the other day.... Mostly people that can't get a better Kobold Douser. I find a lot of the more consistent players have 100+^ Kobold Dousers (or close to it) and whenever I run into randoms and ask if they want me to use my 118^ kobold they say something along "That's impossible, no way" and when I pull it out it changes to "holy $#!T, how did you get that? That's crazy! That's not even right" and the occasional "that's duped for sure" because they automatically assume high upgrade weapons = duped.
  8. I heard a myth that you can run a challenge 9 times and run moraggo on the 10th run and you will get a 160+ weapon :p I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought of this when I saw this thread pop up :P
  9. The game has been out for almost 2 years now and I am 100% sure that this would have been posted by one of the many hackers and/or Modders at some point plus the DDDK tells you exactly how everything works. If it was as easy as C&C is claiming it to be then every single one of us would have the best gear in the game by now and this goes for all platforms as well (no offense C&C just making a point here). ^This! I have been staying away from this topic for a couple reasons, but I felt it was necessary to sign in and iterate what Dredd said. Not to mention the fact that Dredd has a
  10. All this from a player who at one time thought Trendy owed us a patch that would give everybody every event item. http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?78614-How-aee-people-suppose-to-get-event-weapons-if-they-dont-plat-online come on. But a very good read, lol. Thank you for this! Very good read indeed, have never found 6 pages of posts so amusing!
  11. Man that really does suck. But like Fennimoe mentioned from what I've been told they plan to have an event later down the road where the prize for completing it is picking one of the past new event weapons because they always end up having extras. So there's your chance to get it back :)
  12. Sucks no additional projectiles, but congrats on getting your first 200+ pull! I still have yet to get my 200+ And glad to hear it's most likely going up for trade, will be looking out for it
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