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  1. Lol it really is looked down upon? Yes. Quite surprised this thread is still here actually.
  2. Perhaps trivial to some. I have been trying for months. I had run steady 32 sec with more and more 31 sec all the time. But 30 flat eluded me. Until tonight. Small victory perhaps, but made my day a little better. Speaking of first round time on Endless Spires+ just to clarify.
  3. PSN: Soleiko 7-8 p.m. Might be able to do earlier, depends on the weather.
  4. What type of help? Work has finally evened out for me again so I have a slightly more definitive schedule, but if you would like my lack of expertise then I will try to be available. Mostly evenings and weekends I'm on.
  5. Really with no hard plans for DD2 to even be on consoles we are lucky they kept this section after the forum switch. The fact that the console forums have slowed down is no surprise. And like Omm said, many players have had their play and moved on. Ther are still active players out there though.
  6. I may be grinding later today to make up for the xp I missed from the event last week. If you're on PS3 NA and on later let me know. I will probably do glitter, but also want to farm some focusers. Been over a week since I have had a good chance to play and I'm starting to itch.
  7. I sold a 106^. But it was a generic crossbow with negs on hero health and toower dmg. On a side note, that is also the highest weapon I have found.
  8. Your realization just made me realize I will probably never hit 90.
  9. You're walking down the road and you come to a fork. Each path has one man standing in front of it. One man always lies and the other man always tells the truth. What question can you ask that will allow you to go the way you want to go (both men know which way leads to the town you want to visit) regardless of which man you ask, and without knowing which man is which? Ask either man "Which direction would the other man tell me is the way to town?" Then go the opposite way.
  10. I was gonna reply to omm and heer but then i got too confused LoL What do you mean the bells don't sound the time when the doors open anymore?
  11. I got a golf ball from my brothers friends cousins nephews sister-n-law who got it from a guy who knows someone that works at 7-11 in florida that got it from Tiger Woods. That's proof I'm a pro... That's okay. I have the 3 iron that hit that ball. So I'm more pro.
  12. Yeah, I'd steer clear of that one. GM = Game Master. It's an MMO thing
  13. Are we all allowed to start breaking things now? Or is it a priviliged ability?
  14. Had to take the elevator from the recovery room to the waiting room. There were two elevators, but only one worked and it serviced four floors so it was in high demand. It made distributing news and switching out family members, of which there were five, an ordeal. There were stairs you could access on the waiting room floor, but you had to get someone on the recovery floor to open the door for you lol.
  15. Congrats to your sister. I remember clean up after my wedding, yah not fun.
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