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  1. PSN- NuclearPanduhh Time- 12pm EDT ---------------- I know how busy you guys are so thank you Trendy for taking the time into doing this! :D
  2. 8-bit boss? This boss disables your weapon by breaking off some of the pixels to your weapon. Once you kill off all the waves of viruses, the portal on it's back opens. Once this happens you have to jump inside, solve a puzzle within it's coding, and wait for it to be set into a loading mode. Once it's in this loading mode your teammates can now harm it. Shadow boss? A boss that can take the appearance/stats/user names of any players at any given point in time. which will trick your friends into thinking the boss is you but wait... there's a twist! friendly fire is now on and your teamma
  3. Herro defenders, I've seen people online//DDPlanner doing this a lot and was wondering how it's done. How exactly do I get my App's blockades to glitch into the ground? or buildings? Here is the build I am trying to use ( http://ddplanner.com/?l=15521,war-of-the-djinn-pro-build-glitch-blockade-strat )if there is a better build please send me in that direction. As always thank you for taking the time to help me out.
  4. Ramparts? bummer... but still extremely excited for tomorrow! Thank you so much for hosting another event!
  5. Please do a sign up thread. Good choice on the day, the weekend is the perfect time for an event such as this. Also I would love to join and maybe after the event tomorrow help out? because by then I will be able to do Insane+ runs and can farm even more items for you guys :D Time- 12pm EDT both days PSN- NuclearPanduhh
  6. I almost beat it but sadly I ended up falling in between a couple of crystals xD
  7. I wouldn't mind helping out if you still need it? PSN ID: NuclearPanduhh
  8. PSN: NuclearPanduhh Name: John ---------------------------- Time: 3pm EDT
  9. I know, that is the obvious way and I have been since I got the game in December. So far I have got more than half of my friends to purchase plus or buy the game.
  10. Um ok? I was just wondering why.
  11. Why does it seem like the forums are dead? the only console sections that seem to be active are Trading and General Discussion. Trendy really needs to find a way to get fans more active. I'd hate to see this game die off.
  12. Hey are you still up for this? If so add or invite NuclearPanduhh. I'm always on trying to find good players to farm with.
  13. Sounds good! I will consider both! C:< thank you for your helpful replys!
  14. I don't have much but it should be enough to help you get back on your feet. If anything poofs then tell me because I been really paranoid with my items being dupes. I did not farm some of the items I am willing to donate so fingers crossed :)
  15. I have ran into this issue three times so far and was wondering if Trendy is working on fixing it? I was told that my Depth Charge causes the last enemy to not spawn and so far it seems to be true xD
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