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  1. I'll run a Kings Game non-survival run for you just because :3
  2. I'd have to agree with the above in that posting the full details of the event items isn't the greatest idea. There was (still is) a pinned thread that Articuno put together very nicely but unfortunately most all of the picture links are dead on it. To me, that kind of thread is a great Idea, since I think event items hold more of an aesthetic appeal more than anything really. Yes there are a couple events that are incomparable to farmable items, but like Acen has mentioned it's a small advantage overall statwise. Also I don't think it's a good point to argue that it's unfair how the best it
  3. Decent rocks you have there, 1 is for sure the better one to me. It's tough to call these capping though since technically they can spawn to 825 iirc. Best of luck to you.
  4. Final bump, going to end this tonight
  5. I really like that green one far left, definitely never spawned a color close to that.
  6. HAHA, for a moment I thought you went into my shop and took a picture of one of my many small diamonds :P I like the one in your second picture (already upgraded) a lot, so I'll accept that. 18cv then for you :) HOLY MOLY Check this out then
  7. Hi Plane, this is my enty fo the event. Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/djrandyran/ Items enteing fo: 1)Stieglitz 2)Blu 3)Dragon of the North Thank you fo the event :)
  8. Can you please post a pic of the color and have it IC checked
  9. Alright boys and girls, haven't done one of these in a while but I got this sick ++ that I want to auction. Armor has been item checked by Harry so complain to him if you don't like it. I'll accept most anything, diamonds though I'll be picky with. Diamonds must have nice color to them and also must be a color that I don't have (Exception being blue). I will increase diamond values to 15/20 (Single/Double), and I don't want noncaps. I've got too many of those damn things. Look below for what I currently have in my collection, I would really like a green or yellow diamond. I will accept event
  10. IC please :) I sent a uncovered screenshot to some ICers, thank you :D
  11. djrandyran


    That item name name though...
  12. So im unclear as to what the offer is for which bracer first, second all of it is on the table? Lastly I have been out of the loop on trading armor and the values of it maybe a third party can explain? ( also willing to let you value the armor yourself ) So I would be interested in both, but if i had to choose one I'd prefer the lightnings. Everything I have in that album is up to trade, I just haven't given them values yet. Everyone is picky about armor values lol. I would value both diamonds at 15-20cv each
  13. How about the odds of getting a perfect 400 turtle on a treadmill? or at least in all tower stats I suppose. I always to the puzzle and have never gotten a perfect one. Thanks for putting the effort to get these cool numbers for us, wish I knew how to do it.
  14. https://puu.sh/wNXWz/2c8692d0b5.jpgIt's true you don't need a lot to be successful with a genie, but below are screenshots of some of what I have to offer, If you're interested add me on steam.
  15. Alright, so I've compiled an album of things that I feel would be of value. If there are things specifically you're interested in let me know. i do have more ULT capping armor too, this was just the top of what I have to offer. Let me know what you think and value this at if anything. Edit...would help if I put the link, here it is http://imgur.com/a/Igbt2 :)
  16. Are you going to value items that will get you about 7k+ or would you value other items like events or maybe double cap diamonds more? I would be interested in these bracers :3
  17. 90 minutes... about the same time it takes me to do one lap of the Crytsal Race Hahaha, I think I share the same fate.
  18. A few moonbase runs? I can hardly stand to do it once all the way to the end, it takes forever!
  19. Pretty sure you could still get much higher than this, especially considering I didn't complete the survival.
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