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  1. I'll run a Kings Game non-survival run for you just because :3
  2. I'd have to agree with the above in that posting the full details of the event items isn't the greatest idea. There was (still is) a pinned thread that Articuno put together very nicely but unfortunately most all of the picture links are dead on it. To me, that kind of thread is a great Idea, since I think event items hold more of an aesthetic appeal more than anything really. Yes there are a couple events that are incomparable to farmable items, but like Acen has mentioned it's a small advantage overall statwise. Also I don't think it's a good point to argue that it's unfair how the best items are unavailable to the rest who didn't participate. It is still possible to trade them and win through giveaways that people put together all the time. It's silly to complain how you can't get an item for an event that happened 5 years ago...most games I've played have had even/time exclusive items and DD isn't any different. TL;DR: I'm all for updating a list of what the events look like, such as what Articuno did. But I think it's a little silly to post the details of them all. Happy defending
  3. Decent rocks you have there, 1 is for sure the better one to me. It's tough to call these capping though since technically they can spawn to 825 iirc. Best of luck to you.
  4. Final bump, going to end this tonight
  5. I really like that green one far left, definitely never spawned a color close to that.
  6. HAHA, for a moment I thought you went into my shop and took a picture of one of my many small diamonds :P I like the one in your second picture (already upgraded) a lot, so I'll accept that. 18cv then for you :) HOLY MOLY Check this out then
  7. Hi Plane, this is my enty fo the event. Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/djrandyran/ Items enteing fo: 1)Stieglitz 2)Blu 3)Dragon of the North Thank you fo the event :)
  8. Can you please post a pic of the color and have it IC checked
  9. Alright boys and girls, haven't done one of these in a while but I got this sick ++ that I want to auction. Armor has been item checked by Harry so complain to him if you don't like it. I'll accept most anything, diamonds though I'll be picky with. Diamonds must have nice color to them and also must be a color that I don't have (Exception being blue). I will increase diamond values to 15/20 (Single/Double), and I don't want noncaps. I've got too many of those damn things. Look below for what I currently have in my collection, I would really like a green or yellow diamond. I will accept events. CO: 20cv Pjtor Auction ends Saturday August 26 
  10. djrandyran

    Item Check Thread

    IC please :) I sent a uncovered screenshot to some ICers, thank you :D
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