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  1. So many memories to choose from... as far as my favorite one, it would probably be leveling up with my friend and trying to take on nightmare mode for the first time. Incredibly difficult, but extremely satisfying to cross over that threshold. After that, it's definitely the community. Between all the great event hosts (shout out to GOKUPP, Capt. Rizz, and Acen), the friends I met along the way (mkjo, Finn, and Dimdra just to name a few), and all the folks who kept this game alive long past the "last event" that trendy had over 5 years ago! This community is fantastic, and definitely make
  2. If the auction is still going on, 60cv (4 double caps)
  3. only attacks mobs, stats 500 HHP, HDMG, HA1, HA2, and 250 THP, TDMG, TAR,TR. It is lacking in damage compared to most dps pets though. Auction ends in ~6 hours Place those final bids folks!
  4. Ikr? You could pick these suckers up a dime a dozen right after the event. While I agree to that, he did message me on steam that he was going to pay it. If he doesn't, your offer of 40cv will be the highest.
  5. 20 cv for just cubes or coal. Don't really want to be trading for more than 120 coal or 20 cubes at once. C/O's Updated. Reserve on all items met. Happy bidding everyone!
  6. So, I was going through and found these items from the old trendy sponsored events. Figured might as well auction them off since there are people who probably want to complete their set of old event items. hidden reserve. Auction ends 4/19 11:59pm CDT All events were ran by myself, but for those interested in confirming, here are the traces: Admiral djinn Cursed Brownie / Care bear Groovy mask Accepted Currency: Diamonds (5/10/15), Coal, Cubes (6:1) up to 20 cv, Ploutonion (10 cv), Ball blaster (15 cv) C/O: Admiral - 20 cv LootLovingGamer Cursed brownie - 75 cv Dark Dragon (Completed trade)
  7. hlg42

    WTA Event Set

    15cv for ball blaster
  8. Thanks for this insane giveaway Atlas! My favorite DD memory has to be running the Temple of POLYBIUS. Great map, challenging, and filled with everyone reminiscing. So glad that the CDT chose to continue the events. By far my favorite part about the game. Good luck to all and Happy Holidays!
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