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  1. OK so just lost lvls like 3 times, and a ton of gear. But i did discover that if you are in a private tavern everything is fine, bbuutttttt when you go back to the social everything disappears. Not to sure what is happening. It really does suck to have gain 3 lvls 3 times to lose it all due to a glitch, and 2 on another toon. Hope trendy can fix the problem and maybe help with the lvl returns at least. Gear not as much of a concern as losing the lvls.
  2. When up grading gear it could upgrade/scale different. When up grading say a helmet with 2 resist and say defense power, it would be nice if I use other items with defense power, it would scale the defense the item that is getting up-graded. Maybe not 1 for 1 in points but maybe say like for every 5 getting put in it would give an extra to the defense power on the item, and that will become a permanent up-grade even if you respec it.
  3. Downloaded this link and it it FULL os spyware and addware, took over an hr to get rid of that crap, should be removed.
  4. I really hope there's pudding. And COOKIES!!! With MILK
  5. Can we request to go in as a team on this one, ie: can I come in and invite/ask for 2 others on a team to join.
  6. we have done a few runs together, best pull yet was an 81 on my 74 sub account.
  7. Yeah is a sweet pull, and I pulled a 140 the run before that one.
  8. Hit me up man, I should be on after, we can maybe get a few of these done.
  9. the Knife is now safely in my clutches, muaahahahahaha!!!
  10. No need of ran Anumius, going to need a Guardian, if anything, and I would say a huntress one at that.
  11. Wondering why this thread is not lock, have seen them locked for alot less, and with a ban to boot.
  12. Wondering why my name is not on the list for this event I signed up, and also edited my time, waiting now to get in.
  13. AH, nice always someone tring to cheat the system. That will be the cause of no more events. I hope they find who and ban em for life, events and forum.
  14. Tried to view the goggle doc, and it is telling me that I cant get in, anyone else have this problem.
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