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  1. I took a pic of titos staff before he had his nanobot
  2. I will def take any lvl 90 armor thx
  3. So today I was running Morago and we got the boss to 44 thousand hp :/ and when we got to him again..... he was invisible and we couldn't even attack/kill him yet we aimed at him. Then finally he turned visible again after 3 mins. We both thought we would lose but we still won and as always we didn't get anything good. What was this invisible glitch someone else ever gotten it?it has happend to me solo as well along the riddle of the deep except that was with a friends connection it is strange
  4. No, glitterhelm+ all the way. Mysti+ is for peoples who don't know how to build :P Or for peoples who don't have enough good builders x) If it's you'r case... then go do Mysti+, I did it alot too before I got able to solo glitter+ with afk without crystal attacks :Por it could be that I have all the builders but just no build to do it with Got a 90 squire and the rest 86 builders
  5. Awh no more free xp? :( Back to Mistymire insane+
  6. Arronax is the beast of all beasts in this game.. It upgrades so much higher per upgrade and also has splash which the undying rod or occy dont have.. I farmed a 150 arronax for 78 with 280 base damage..after upgrading it, Its only a few dps points shy of the 192 undying rod i use (*cough, cough*) Dredd loltito has 1 too. if you thought his was cool.... I took a picture of it and I still drool over ot everytime I see it
  7. Both for 83 Thx Mae for being a great event host hope to see you again sometime
  8. Bern Id like to see that build in person mind inviting me tomorrow?
  9. Alright cool no 1 will help me guess no.event for me then :[
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