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  1. would like to see that a new patch will change the item drops from mobs are better when killing ogre on insane+ u get 4 items that are really bad something u find out of a chest on easy
  2. i was wondering if these titles on armors have any effect on the drop chance of armor from chests, and from getting weapons from challenges and boss fights. i am basically wondering if its all chosen by random or if there is a way to increase your odds of getting better items. i have talked to a few people and they say different things about this i have tested this myself and havent seen any difference, i have ran endliss spires about 100 times wearing each armor except for unlucky armor, and the results were about the same. and i was also wondering if hero lvl has an effect on this
  3. name: trevor rowland psn: enter-_-sandman88 i am available anytime between 12 to 8 the entire time the event is going on i switched days at work just to make this event i want to be a supporter of this event. the reason being is i would like to see more events happen on ps3 and possibly new characters would be will to pay up to 4 US dollars per character and i would also like to see new maps. i would like to at the least get an invest all button for upgrading items. and i would also like the L3 button to be a quick start match so i dont have to hit the crystal two really big annoyances.
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