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  1. I am no expert on this, but I always thougt the logic order would be:

    Cupid: By far the most annoying out of the three, no matter what difficulty or gear you have, those arrows are pretty capable of semi stunlocking you and your defenses. Take this dude and provived you are in a DPS char, you already won the map.

    Snowman: To this day, I am not quite sure what the role of this guy is. I am guessing he is something like a tanker, because of his hp. But really he dosnt seems to do much except just stay there, enjoying life and all...

    Turkey: Despiste the fact than he looks goofy and all, I would say this guy is actually problem for not decently geared DPS char. Not so much for his attacks or anything but rather because unlike the other two you dont have the aid of your defenses attacking it or anything at all unless you go of your way to do it (Like I am planning to with using Electric+ Proxy on it), THE ****ING GOBLIN COPTER GOES AROUND THERE AS WELL. This is more torubling than the boss itself. It will also land the ogre there as well... very annoying.
  2. I haver never used guardians, nor I think I ever will.

    By the time I joined DD the EV was already there with the beams. I hate having a pet that its not either a Genie or a DPS. So... no place for a guardian in my games, it seems. There never was.

    Its still cool to have some more knowledge about it, thougt.
  3. I kinda like it, its kinda funny but it encourages you to try and find better.

    Like "oh damn, this would have been a great piece if it werent for (Negatives, no TA or HA, etc), oh well... but it if spawned with such stats, then it means than an actually good piece of armor like this must exist! I will find it!"

    In all honestly, the RNG is this game isnt THAT bad as people make it out to be. Or at least it has been reasonably kind with me, mostly.

    Then again I am apparently a pretty lucky guy, or so I have been told a fair few times by people O_o
  4. Lol, some of them are funny or interesting to read, but I am still not sure to this day whats the purpose of them at all...

    Also, when I am playing I usual dont even look at them, I just simply look at my character falling and then I try to desesperatly look and think WTF killed me (I usually get killed all of a sudden from full health bar to death with my DPS :apprentice: so the few deaths I have are VERY unexpected. I also dont like dying in 1 hit so I dont even look at the messages while I inside rage a bit LOL).
  5. That's a pretty decent summary of what I went through. I would just add that City in the Cliffs was a major bridge for me from insane to NM. It's also amazing XP at that point in the game.

    Yeah now that I am thinking about it I also did that one map as well on Insane. I thougt the XP was okey... but I think it was around the time I was doing Misty Campaing so the XP would seem to be better there IMO.
  6. I was wondering if there was somewhere, SOMEWHERE an official progression guide. Everyone knows certain stuff after a time but even knowing all of that its sometimes a little overwelhing (Spelling?) and you sometimes wonder if you are prepared for a map or not...

    Anyway my point is, someone has attempted to create an actual full guide of progression?

    Something like this...

    1) Original campaing. Start on Medium/Hard and just keep going that way, do Insane as well if you are very experienced and all (All Hardcore of course), Just simply enjoy the game and keep going until you eventually completed Summit/Glitter on Insane difficulty.

    This is fairly basic stuff that everyone does without even asking about it in the forums and such. Now it gets a little harder...

    2)It would be a good idea to grind on Glitterhelm by now to get 74s- Not something your basic player is going to do at first.

    3) Shard Levels. Should of do in Medium/Hard difficulty, then MAYBE insane, kinda like the original campaing, (Ok we will maybe skip Aquanos on Insane at the time begin because of this SOB know as the Kraken :kraken:).

    4)Nightmare, the biggest jump you will take in the whole game. I would do Glitter grinding if I didnt do it by this time already (And if I did, I might do a little more it dosnt hurts) Then I would aim for 3 Challenges that are easily (Well, for the most of the part) dont on Nightmare Hardcore: Raining Goblins (nice APP staff will help a lot) Ogre Crush (The weapon is a good monk one I think), and the original Monster Fest (For random myths).

    Now the first two challenges are rather know than are doable with low stats, but not so much the latter and (At least for me) it was pretty damn easy considerating the difficulty and rewards. In my game Monster Fest effectivly gave me my very first myths and gave me the help I so needed to start with...

    5) Original Campaing on Nightmare (with some random survival rounds as well): Try to do all Area 1 levels, they arent really THAT hard with those starter myths you got in MF. Alch Labs included. The boss was pretty annoying but he should fall soon with the defences power. Survival Unlocked, TIME TO GRIND! Get to around wave 15 or so and you will get even BETTER myths here, witch you should use to start to do...

    6) Mistymare (The best map in the game) 1st wave: Okey this is know, no explanation needed. You just go and complete the easy first wave, get the chest, hope for myths, get myths, restart. Eventually you should get to wave 2 with the new gear you got (And also pretty damn good experience dosnt hurts either), and so on until the boss. Dont bother with her yet, keep grinding the waves. Now you just go and beat her...somehow. I will admit I am not quite sure what to put here, I did it with just the gear you get from the very same level, Just keep repairing (easiest with an Overcharged :apprentice: IMO) whatever is she focusing on (And if its you whom she is focusing on dodge her attacks they arent that hard to dodge either), The setup should be obviously nearly AFKable, I only needed to go and repair some auras once in a 30 minute or so battle... You just unlocked Mistymare Survival. You know what to do.

    7) After doing a couple of Mistymare survival on Nightmare, you should be more than prepared to resume the campaing, it will be a nice way to see how powerfull you just became and also a good way to do something else than mindless grinding as well. All campaing should be absolutly doable... No survivals, thougt, you are better off with Misty for what I heard. You may or may not try to finish all the original challenges to break the endless grinding if you havent one that yet...

    8)Completed the rest of Shards level on Nightmare, doing full survivals in all of them- Except Moraggo because for some reason I havent seen it mentioned at all or very rarely...

    9) Aquanos survival on NMHC... Well I am personally stuck here in progression so I cant quite tell you what comes next lol XD :D, but I would assume I would try to finish Sky City on NMHC and then do the survival on it... or maybe Kings game...


    TL;DR- Anyone here care to shard a log of how they did the progression/a guide of their progression? And if it isnt bothering anyone, can someone tell me if what I have done was right ot if theres something I could have done better (Obviously theres probably some part that could have been removed or something, but it was my first play XD)

  7. Yeah I too have problems with this boss...

    But really, the problem is not really the fall, I almost always land just fine...

    The REAL problem are those damn homing rockets they launch at you when you are in the ship IMO, I have been trying to dodge them but it just seems stupidly hard, I would say even harder to dodge than the :kraken: and Cupid (why we dont have a Cupid icon?) attacks, and thats something...

    They always kill my DPS :apprentice: in like 2 hits a la :copter:. In fact, they arte pretty much the exact same rockets except theres like 4 of them at the same time when just ONE is already pretty overkill...

    Yeah I know you can destroy the turrets from where the rockets come from, the thing is, I BARELY can even move before they are about to hit me, I can destroy WITH A LOT of luck maybe 2 of those turrets and then I am dead. Lets not forget the fact than theres some respawing random enemies as well, as if the turrets were not enough.

    I am guessing the solution is just to get someone a little less squishy unafortunally... Thats pretty crappy, I hate unavoidable attacks (or near to)... At least I could deal with the :kraken: via Minions kill (That was awesome LOL), but this boss NEEDS to be dealt with by yourself...
  8. I dont understand.

    Perparsh where I am in the progression the RNG dosnt hits so hard, but for the most of the part ( Random cursed crap dropping in wave 25+ NMHC aside) the RNG was not bad at all for me... At least I dont hate it so far...
  9. Mine are all the default ones, EXCEPT for the Demoness.

    I belive it was 6 Archer, 7 Spider, 8 Mage, 9 Defend here (I dont really remember how it was called but it was the order for they to stay there and defend there to act like a wall... you know like what everyone else does lol), and 0 Flash heal.

    I havent seen the need to rebind anything else really.

  10. Max armor cap is max armor cap.

    Some maps can reach the max armor cap (i.e. misty, aquanos, moraggo, etc) and some will not (i.e. deeper wells, forge, etc).

    In general terms; each map has a set starting base quality factor (actually multipliers for weighting and quality), and have a per wave scaling factor. Once the factors go through the math involved as a constant then the armor quality factor is derived. Which is then applied to the drop quality math. You can always get a zero as the lowest value no matter what map or wave, but you can never get higher than the armor max cap. So if map A caps at wave x, and map B has a higher quality multiplier per wave then it caps at wave x-3 (just as an example). Drops from those two different waves are the same quality - you just might not notice it in your lifetime due to the RNG. So wave 30 of misty isn't worse than wave 30 of kings map with regards to armor quality. Now that said each map also has a different floor item cap (the maximum number of items on the floor before they start disappearing due to being pushed out of the queu). And each map has a different mob count, ease of keeping drops from falling outside, etc. All of the other factors play a big part in determining the best loot maps for consistent gear runs.

    Um, interesting, so it essentiality dosnt matters what survival I play so long at it is shard levels and kings?...

    Still, that brings more questions, like the "each map also has a different floor item cap", I would love to know what map has that for example.
  11. Maybe this: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?75339-Question-about-drops-%28for-someone-with-DDDK%29/page3

    Basically mixed mode adds to the quality factor. Armor caps earlier than weapons. Shards and newer maps can cap armor before you finish the survival run (i.e. Misty caps at wave 26 on NMHC and off hand; I don't know all of the wave caps per map). So normally mixed mode is not worth it for armor only runs. Weapons on the other hand get the benefit from mixed.

    But each cap is independent of the other caps of the other maps, right?

    As in, the drops are NOT of the same quality in Wave 26 Misty than, say, Whatever is the cap wave in aquanos, right?

  12. (Once in a while I even use the dst; it is the only tower that wastes no shot and shots "around" corners)

    While I agree than the DST is awesome, it *DOES* miss its shots every now and then, its not 100% accuarate (Yeah fail english I know)
  13. lol? I don't seem to be having any lag when I get lots of fireballs.
    maybe there is an option to turn your graphics usage down?

    old school method : stare at wall. :)

    Yeah I am going to spend all the rest of my time playing a game staring a wall!!!

    Sorry but what kind of solution is that LOL?
  14. I may not be the best player, nor the most advanced, but I'd like to share what I have found after all this back and forth nonsense.

    MM - low dps for cost. not very good.
    FB - Great dps + splash for cost. very good
    LT - fun... but elec aura much better.
    MW- replaced by EV then by minions. then by drains + wall.
    ST - lol?

    Barricade - doesn't attack, just looks pretty ;)
    bouncer - fun, but takes too much dmg for it's own.
    Harp - excellent dmg for DU cost. very good.
    BB - good... if you don't ever expect to go up hill. >.<
    slicer - like bouncer but more costly.

    SO, your question really boils down to FB vs POON.
    FB vs poon = VERY VERY similar dps per DU.
    but FB is splash, and poon = pierce.

    Use poons for corridors / spots you can hit them in a line.
    use FB when they move around corners / bunch up.

    Now here is the kicker.
    During late NM waves of survival and or whatnot, when trash is slaughtered elec auras, and ogres are pounding on your minions. FB starts to shine.
    splash will hit several ogres, while poons will target their bellies, going over the other mobs.
    making FB Much better than Poon.

    TLDR: Imo App > count more specifically, FB > Poon.
    Sadly ;

    You also forgot a major con for Fireball towers....

    LAG. LAG EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Now that you have found the true power of the gas trap; try the gas & inferno combo with the inferno a bit outside of the gas radius (since the gas effect covers a bit beyond it's radius). Even with poor dmg the mobs that are just stuck in the gas will burn. And if the outside edge of gas traps are matched to the outside edge of a SEE (Strength drain, Electric, and Ensnare) aura drain, then every mob choking on gas gets hit by electric and fire damage and slowly die.

    You probably know about this common NM tactic but based on your comment didn't think you had the stats for it; but you probably do because when the traps and auras are on a buff you basically have doubled your builders stats.

    My stats are 2K all around (In important stats anyway. ex I am not even in the 1500 aura range just yet) except Demoness who has almost 3K, and the :huntress: who has... Um, 500? lol. Maybe even less. Thats why what you are suggesting to me probably wont work, at least for now. Besides honestly all I needed was that single Gas Trap in this one level so far. In all honestly an aura stuck + Gas Trap + Inferno + Archer wall + Spider + Mage + Harpoon + Myself really seems like serious overkill O_o The lane I wanted to cover has already been done with the addition of the Gas Trap alone, I dont even need to help the defenses they do it all alone xD.

    But its still a good tip to take into account for future maps! If the DU allows it anyway.

    I should probably only care about the golden :fyvern: and thats about it, level done.

    EDIT: I also heard Inferno kills computers almost as bad as the Fireball Towers and Aura Stacks.
  16. :djinn::djinn:I have JUST done yet another attempt at this...

    I must say, the Gas Traps are INSANELY powerfull. I wasnt sure about using them since they dont deal any kind of damage on their own, but now that I have see the true power of those things, I dont really even care about that.

    The most occuped lane went from begin the most busy lane to the LEAST one with just the addition of single Gas Trap (And 1 extra archer but w/e)....

    But I STILL lost because of THIS :djinn: Althougt to be fair it was kind of my fault because I accidentaly agroo them without knowing and thus the desummoned something else in another area where then NEVER desummoned anything previously. Luckily, Ogres didnt go there. But this dude :kobold: Did. 1 hit killed the :crystal: even under a strength drain. Wow. Just wow.

    Other than that I am inclined to belive I can do this whole level semi AFK by now and so long as I dont agro any random mob, lol.

    I am pretty sure my problem is not with my stats, and now that I found the use for Gas Traps neither is my strategy so now its just a matter or time...

    Still that time wont come until tomorrow, I dont really want to build everything... AGAIN.
  17. IMO any ranged weapon its excellent to do this trick if you get the hang of it... you dont need any particular weapon, just try to make sure all your projectiles connect when the genie is about to finish/start its animation again.

    What I do is:

    1:Shoot enemy (duh)
    2:While the genio is doing its loop, Retreat and move further from said enemy, trying to "stack" all my shots (As in, than said enemy gets hit 2X or maybe even X3 of the normal times). RIGHT when the genie is about to finish his loop, go FORWARD. All your projectiles should hit the enemy, except that instead of 5-6 projectiles hitting said enemy, they are more like the doulb eor triple of that.
    3: All of those shots register for the genie who will give you all 2020 mana in one go.
    4: Upgrade defense and repeat.

    With enough practice this make it VERY easy to upgrade defenses. My explanation probably was crap, I tried to make it clear but my english just dosnt helps me, hopefully someolne understands.
  18. App towers...

    As sad as I am when I say this, they are utterly obsolete, It was my first builder/DPS hybrid (back when I didnt belive than more than 1 character was needed for the game... hehe, that was retarded).

    I honestly cant see ANY use for them except maybe for the fact than they take less DU. Like, maybe a magic missile can help with anti air.... actually not, theres aura stacks for that... ugh...
  19. the mobs get a buff every 5 waves btw, also, if you can Finish Misty, as opposed to not quite finishing Aqua, you will generally find better gear on Misty, as you'll hit the loot cap more consistently

    Um, actually, the truth is than Aquanos beats the hell out of Misty when talking about loot. Found around 7 usable drops (give or take 2 maybe?) in say, 4-5 runs so far (And not even COMPLETE runs!), while In misty I found around 10-13... but half of those were complete runs AND said runs themselves were like, I dunno, 15?

    So it just seems like Aquanos is the better map when talking about loot drops (even when not completing all 30 waves), Althougt not the best map for the FUN factor, if you ask me (Its not bad, I like the map, its just that compared to what is IMO one of the bests maps in the whole game is... a little lacking).

    That begin said... +1 to Aqua for not begin such a lagfest, unlike the other.

    If you're looking for armor, have you considered doing Kings Game NMHC Survival? It can be pretty brutal, but after wave 15 I usually seem to manage getting 1 trans a wave, even more after wave 20.

    Thats the other map I was going to get into if Aquanos dosnt wants me to beat it soon, however I gotta train and revise my builds to unlock survival... Yes, I didnt even completed it in campaing yet, LOL.

    It has to do with the fact that even in campaing it takes like 30 minutes to clear it, but I guess its ok since I only have to do it once...

    Also, with "Getting 1 trans a wave", you mean just random trash trans or actually usable trans? Because I get like 3 trans a wave in later waves of Aquanos... most of them trash :D

    EDIT: And also 1 supreme (actually usable, maybe not great for a supreme but for my level of gear it is more than welcome) for my DPS :apprentice:. That was pretty epic. I am guessing Aqua is perfectly capable of dropping Ultimates as well, since Misty dropped a couple as well for me. All crap of course.

    Looks like you're not starting on wave 20 or so, which means you can use a lowly jester to get you some gas traps. The trick is to place presents, small presents in your case for gas traps, during build phase.
    Then switch to the builder you want the presents to take the stats from (auramonk for range?). Also saves you a du per trap, which is nice ofc.

    Used to do this quite a lot when I just lacked the stats on a couple builders. But not anymore, jester builder owns them all :P

    Maybe I could try it... However, correct me if I am wrong, but what you just described is not a glitch that has been fixed?

    (The whole changin builders to the presents can spawn with the stats of the builder that opened them, instead of :jester: stats)

    Off topic: How the hell comes than we have smiles of various enemy mobs in the game, standard smiles as well as the crystal itself, but we DO NOT have DEFENSES icons? lol.
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