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  1. I am no expert on this, but I always thougt the logic order would be: Cupid: By far the most annoying out of the three, no matter what difficulty or gear you have, those arrows are pretty capable of semi stunlocking you and your defenses. Take this dude and provived you are in a DPS char, you already won the map. Snowman: To this day, I am not quite sure what the role of this guy is. I am guessing he is something like a tanker, because of his hp. But really he dosnt seems to do much except just stay there, enjoying life and all... Turkey: Despiste the fact than he looks goofy and all,
  2. I haver never used guardians, nor I think I ever will. By the time I joined DD the EV was already there with the beams. I hate having a pet that its not either a Genie or a DPS. So... no place for a guardian in my games, it seems. There never was. Its still cool to have some more knowledge about it, thougt.
  3. I kinda like it, its kinda funny but it encourages you to try and find better. Like "oh damn, this would have been a great piece if it werent for (Negatives, no TA or HA, etc), oh well... but it if spawned with such stats, then it means than an actually good piece of armor like this must exist! I will find it!" In all honestly, the RNG is this game isnt THAT bad as people make it out to be. Or at least it has been reasonably kind with me, mostly. Then again I am apparently a pretty lucky guy, or so I have been told a fair few times by people O_o
  4. Lol, some of them are funny or interesting to read, but I am still not sure to this day whats the purpose of them at all... Also, when I am playing I usual dont even look at them, I just simply look at my character falling and then I try to desesperatly look and think WTF killed me (I usually get killed all of a sudden from full health bar to death with my DPS :apprentice: so the few deaths I have are VERY unexpected. I also dont like dying in 1 hit so I dont even look at the messages while I inside rage a bit LOL).
  5. Lol, the very first thing I did when I started to play was to look at the vast number of levels, challenges and I did saw the QFLES button as well... I dont know how people miss this O_o
  6. That's a pretty decent summary of what I went through. I would just add that City in the Cliffs was a major bridge for me from insane to NM. It's also amazing XP at that point in the game. Yeah now that I am thinking about it I also did that one map as well on Insane. I thougt the XP was okey... but I think it was around the time I was doing Misty Campaing so the XP would seem to be better there IMO.
  7. I was wondering if there was somewhere, SOMEWHERE an official progression guide. Everyone knows certain stuff after a time but even knowing all of that its sometimes a little overwelhing (Spelling?) and you sometimes wonder if you are prepared for a map or not... Anyway my point is, someone has attempted to create an actual full guide of progression? Something like this... 1) Original campaing. Start on Medium/Hard and just keep going that way, do Insane as well if you are very experienced and all (All Hardcore of course), Just simply enjoy the game and keep going until you eventually
  8. Yeah I too have problems with this boss... But really, the problem is not really the fall, I almost always land just fine... The REAL problem are those damn homing rockets they launch at you when you are in the ship IMO, I have been trying to dodge them but it just seems stupidly hard, I would say even harder to dodge than the :kraken: and Cupid (why we dont have a Cupid icon?) attacks, and thats something... They always kill my DPS :apprentice: in like 2 hits a la :copter:. In fact, they arte pretty much the exact same rockets except theres like 4 of them at the same time when jus
  9. I dont understand. Perparsh where I am in the progression the RNG dosnt hits so hard, but for the most of the part ( Random cursed crap dropping in wave 25+ NMHC aside) the RNG was not bad at all for me... At least I dont hate it so far...
  10. And I'd love to know an estimate of which wave caps loot quality for each of the main maps. I've heard kings game is around 18, and misty is 26....or something. I suppuse thats with Mix Mode On as well... right? Anyways yeah I would like that too.
  11. Mine are all the default ones, EXCEPT for the Demoness. I belive it was 6 Archer, 7 Spider, 8 Mage, 9 Defend here (I dont really remember how it was called but it was the order for they to stay there and defend there to act like a wall... you know like what everyone else does lol), and 0 Flash heal. I havent seen the need to rebind anything else really. Besides that, WHY THERS ONE WITH 10 FIREBALLS. LOL
  12. Max armor cap is max armor cap. Some maps can reach the max armor cap (i.e. misty, aquanos, moraggo, etc) and some will not (i.e. deeper wells, forge, etc). In general terms; each map has a set starting base quality factor (actually multipliers for weighting and quality), and have a per wave scaling factor. Once the factors go through the math involved as a constant then the armor quality factor is derived. Which is then applied to the drop quality math. You can always get a zero as the lowest value no matter what map or wave, but you can never get higher than the armor max cap. So i
  13. Also, deeper well is not a good map for farming at ANY point in the game. Um, I remeber doing it like 2 times on insaneHC when I was restarting...(of course, I already played the game before, with restarting I mean to say that I played it all again because my saves whipped lol)
  14. Maybe this: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?75339-Question-about-drops-%28for-someone-with-DDDK%29/page3 Basically mixed mode adds to the quality factor. Armor caps earlier than weapons. Shards and newer maps can cap armor before you finish the survival run (i.e. Misty caps at wave 26 on NMHC and off hand; I don't know all of the wave caps per map). So normally mixed mode is not worth it for armor only runs. Weapons on the other hand get the benefit from mixed. But each cap is independent of the other caps of the other maps, right? As in, the drops are NOT of the same
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