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  1. We beat it on easy. But no reward. Anyone beat it and got a reward on medium or higher ??
  2. It always seems to crash once I free the squire . Not sure why so I haven't faced the old one yet. Hasn't crashed on any other part so far . Any suggestions ? Psn Mechmind
  3. No reward at all . I was told there's Crystal weapons and costumes but I crash on the boss wave. Anyway around that crashing ???
  4. My wife and I play all the time. If only we can get crystalline demention to not crash we will be great lol
  5. Sorry for the double post. My phone was not working right :(
  6. Hi all. My friends and I have a problem with crystalline d. We can get to the squire Crystal boss level but after beating that the squire is freed it freezes before we can fight the old one can anyone help me ? Thank you
  7. So my group of four has tried playing the crystalline demension map and we beat it all the way to the squire parent being released and both times with 2 different host's it has completely frozen and not allowed us to fight the boss.Is there a problem with map, or your severs or what???? IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING to all of us , as we were all looking forward to the new skins and weapons!! Please email me or respond here, I WILL be looking for an answer from TrendyEnt!!! Thank you, Mechmind, Akimie75, XDragonfury and D3F_CON-ENRAGE
  8. guys/gals if your name was spelled wrong on google doc send them a message that that happened and you might get it changed thats what happened to me but i just got invited but im on xbox Yea I sent TrendyEnt2 and TrendyEnt3 a message on PSN but my wife and I never recieved invites, even tho google doc says my wife participated, she did not. Im a little disappointed but there is always next month I guess.
  9. My husband's PSN Id is spelled wrong due to my error (the wife, Akimie75)... It is Mechmind not Mechimd, Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Name: Adrian Villanueva PSN: Mechmind Time: 12-8 PST (9-5 EST)
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