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  1. Now my daily is glitched. Ignite 50 enemies simply doesn't work.
  2. well i mean, stuff like this worries me because it's been around since day 1. Should have had a fix for simple stuff like this ages ago.
  3. I've had this bug for a long time, where every once in a while the game will decide that I can ONLY play the beginning map. Not sure how to overcome this, but it's very annoying. I've tried restarting the game, switching characters, etc.
  4. Feedback: Please smooth out the framerate for this game. It's barely playable. Help needed: 1. How do I play with other players? I keep choosing quick match on either freeplay, incursion, or the other one (forgot) and I can never find anyone. I need others at this point. 2. What is a good build for characters? I currently only have a mage and I know you're supposed to own more than one hero and build towers to conquer, but at the moment since I beat the campaign every mission I do after that I get destroyed. My towers fall easily and my hero doesn't live through hardly any damage. I know about stat points and spheres but that's about it. As far as a good build for stat points go though, I'm pretty in the dark.
  5. Not quite sure what you mean by downscaling.
  6. It might be a typo. part of it says 25, then it says past 25 later. But i'm doubtful they'd bring out more content just to wipe it all away soon thereafter.
  7. I know dude lol. I'm totally all for another system other than voice chat and pings.
  8. Lots of good ideas. Would like some form of text chat as well. This game is far too tactical for a simple ping that doesn't show up on the mini map and has no real influence in gameplay what so ever. Having a text box that will become completely transparent after a few seconds would be ideal for a game like this. I played a match yesterday, where this guy was placing towers in very, very bad positions. Not only that, but he placed a LOT of defense barricades and they all had low health, and all his towers had low damage. When I play with anyone on the betsy level, no one understands that the purple areas are very bad for towers. With only pings as our option for communication when certain people can't/don't use mics there's no way a single ping or our allotted limit of pings could tell a friendly player that the purple areas are bad. Or to look out for dragons sneaking behind towers. or to hurry up and kill betsy because she will damage the egg no matter what we do.
  9. Glad to see developers chatting with the community. Keep it up. That's the best way to keep people interested and the best way to really build the community up. We've made several threads regarding console specific changes as well as changes (such as text chat) that could be implemented across the board. Would be great if we could see some feedback on these issues as well, and have a clear cut "no, yes, maybe" answer so threads don't keep popping up on the same topic.
  10. I'm thinking of spending another $52 on top of my $12 already. Great game, and with all these free updates and stuff, it's hard to say no. Especially how complex it'll get in the future.
  11. I've been using an apprentice and squire combo and it's working pretty dang well. I put up apprentice barriers, two flame towers, and one long range tower on apprentice, switch to squire and have one cannon and one ballista. Doing this, I haven't had any issues with people breaking through my defenses so long as I keep them maintained properly with repairs and upgrades. To further this combo, I was thinking of either going with huntress as a third character for traps to either help suspend enemies in the air while my towers destroy them, or deal massive damage once they get to my towers. Then I thought about monk, and he has the buff aura for towers so I'm not quite sure lol.
  12. Ping is useless. People in tavern use it to annoy you and people in game ignore it completely.
  13. People are skeptical of this game for console and I can't blame them. Especially after the way DD1 was handled on PS3/360. I'm definitely enjoying this game with friends. However once you reach lvl 25 with all characters their isn't much else to do. Any progress you make is wiped, so you can't really gear up how you want to just yet. I get the apprehension, I really do. I have purchased the complete DD1 on the PC, the 360 and the PS3. As well as DD Eternity, so I know how neglected the consoles were but I also know that the PS3 and 360 were both very limited compared to the PS4. I have a hard time thinking that Trendy would give the console owners that same treatment again, especially since the consoles are far more powerful now. I guess I am just wondering why someone would have that much apprehension and pay for the Pre Alpha and not just waiting for the free to play edition to come out. If it made me that nervous I would just wait. First of all because the free to play version is very far away. Secondly, no one's nervous about the game. It's just sucky the way it's being handled at the moment. They chose to randomly drop the game on us in such an early and broken state, then immediately tell us that theres a better game out there coming, and all our progress is going to get wiped. I'm glad to support them with my money and wish I could give more, but it seems really.....pointless. They could have easily waited until the point where we could own the game without fear of wipes or even without the drastic changes in gameplay. It's just irritating that we got the most broken part of the game, and I'm not talking about bug wise. Not much seems to make sense in regards to builds and what have you. Plus, the tower speed stat gets completely wiped out too.
  14. pre-alpha actually :P But yeah, text is super small.
  15. Its not really luck, we paid for it. There really isn't a whole lot of content to the game as it stands, which is understandable. Plus a lot of the things we know about the game now are going to change completely. People are just ready to get that wipe and move on. They gave us a taste and immediately told us everything we do is redundant.
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