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  1. Sometimes the posting of the map may be delayed so they may both be released on the same day, so keep watching the forums and hold your head high. Oh, and no question is a stupid question.
  2. The documents are usually posted the day before the event so youve got some waiting and nail biting to do... and the map we will be playing on will be about 2-3 days before the document is posted letting people know who will be participating. Hope this was helpful ! Im relatively new myself >_<.
  3. Name : Damon PSN : ObitoUchiha1992 Time 5pm-8pm Last time I had a class now im on break so i can make it ! :D
  4. How do you know you made the cut, also what do you have to do? Alchemical lab on insane+?
  5. name : Damon PSN : ObitoUchiha1992 anytime from 3pm to 8pm is fine. EST
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