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  1. Yeah I've done and tried all the usual fixes, but nothing works for me. Very bizarre bug that got introduced.
  2. I have the same problem with the mouse becoming laggy upon running the launcher, which is probably tied to the problem I have where the game minimises. However, after unminimising, my game and mouse are fine so that's as far as similarities between our problems go. I've removed and uninstalled my emulators and the same still happens. I think Trendy did something with the launcher with the 7.48b update.
  3. You're super generous with this and more so giving a cube away on another thread. Hats off to you sir. (Side note, your "mid-end" giveaway is marginally better than what I've got on my characters :D)
  4. Bearbear


    The soothing music is rather fitting for what happened, perfectly contradicts the rage going on inside.
  5. The base on PC is 320, Ultimate Defender achievement adds 80 slots so you get a maximum of 400 and yes, mana tokens do count.
  6. The only thing I can think of is somehow your config file has become read-only. Go to your Dungeon Defenders config folder, typically this is located at: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dungeon Defenders\UDKGame\Config and find the file named UDKInput.ini Right click the file, go to Properties and see if the tick box for Read-only is ticked or not, if it is, untick it. Otherwise, do a game integrity check in Steam and if all fails, reinstall the game.
  7. An approximate value to calculate the max dmg is : (max ups - 5) * 60 + base dmg In your case : (290-5)*60+4k = 21.1k. Overall if stats are fine (particulary hp and hskill2), it's really good. Thanks, my example was just that. Like I say, I don't inherently know what kind of numbers to look for if I get a seahorse, all I know is a "20k seahorse" is deemed good, but have no idea what base numbers it would have. I've not seen a one with 4k or better on base damage. 3.9x - yes, but not above at least on trans. As I said to Pacpac, those were just ball park figures so I can get a rough idea w
  8. Grey-1, did you actually spent upgrades in any stats other than damage on that seahorse? I've farmed Aquanos a little for seahorses, but don't actually know what kind of numbers are good (base unupgraded) because I don't quite know how to figure out what kinda of damage a seahorse will get after all upgrades. Am I right in thinking a seahorse with a base of 4k damage and about 290+ upgrades will reach 20k damage?
  9. I believe ultimate accs actually are possible tho. I don't know where you gathered that information from, but according to Classic22, they don't exist: http://www.dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95359-Item-Check-Thread&p=840287[[3926,hashtags]]
  10. All you need to do is add ,Alt=True (the comma is needed) to whatever Command you want under the [Engine.PlayerInput] section of UDKInput.ini. So for example to change 6 to Alt+1: Bindings=(Name="Six",Command="HotKeySix | OnRelease HotKeyOff") to Bindings=(Name="One",Command="HotKeySix | OnRelease HotKeyOff",Alt=True) All of the changes should look like this: Bindings=(Name="One",Command="HotKeySix | OnRelease HotKeyOff",Alt=True) Bindings=(Name="Two",Command="HotKeySeven | OnRelease HotKeyOff",Alt=True) Bindings=(Name="Three",Command="HotKeyEight | OnRelease HotKeyOff",Al
  11. Sadly, no. There has been absolutely no change in my PC, either drivers or any other software updates. The only change was the 7.48b patch. I've tried removing the game's intro movie files as well commenting them out of UDKEngine.ini. Whilst this works, in that it runs the game and doesn't minimise immediately, the mouse cursor isn't in focus (it's still the standard Windows white arrow as opposed to the custom Dungeon Defender sword with mouse trail) and so if I click on the game, it still minimises. Like I said, it's not exactly a big deal as I can still play the game, but it's a very
  12. Read this guide by EC-10 for more details: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?90455
  13. Hmm, interesting test results Pacpac. I've been avoiding the Boss Rush since I tried and failed miserably on Insane a while back (Kraken killed me), I've probably got double the stats had then, but I've still not reattempted it. I simply don't have a decent DPS char, or should I say, ranged weapon, my best Pawn that I got on KG Insane only does 3.5m in tavern. I've been farming KG Nightmare a ton and still not found a better Pawn. Similarly, I've been farming Akatiti on Insane (can't beat the boss on Nightmare), but haven't got a decent Sparus. Seeing as how Classic's Eagle is a reward from
  14. This is the image: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/540705296229072309/2590BC40FBA8BC0BAE44A458FE5C44B359C8720E/ I'm no pro, but personally I'll say the gun isn't actually very good. There's no hero damage stat and more importantly, the reload stat is in the negatives. Coupled with that massive ammo stat, reloading that gun will take forever, assuming you reach 0. I suppose it'll be workable if you reload after firing a dozen or so shots. Otherwise, I'd just upgrade the base damage and rate of fire (until it reaches it's max). You can upgrade weapons and armour in Open if you you're s
  15. Get all the Eternia Shards DLCs and the extra characters EV and Summoner are musts I'd say for high level (Nightmare). The Jester is quite good too, but not necessary.
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