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  1. yes, i think its something like that. if the item is duped then it probably wont let you put in mana to trade it of.
  2. i'd just like to know when it is so i have time on my hands to do it.
  3. it'd be a great idea if they interviewed a few people via phone, Skype, or email to try and get a few more host able to mod for people. But i don't think they would permit this considering that some may use it as boosting for them selves.
  4. to be honest he has joined my lobby and said a lot of crap to me and sum other dudes I gladly play with. it would bring me delight to have them removed.
  5. PSN- moineat (NO capitals) Age-16 weekends maps not of dlc, i'd have to say assault on insane, other than that i like Glitterhelm.
  6. ill be glad to donate cleans after a couple runs. Just hit me up when you need new event givaways. PSN: moineat (NO capitals) i'll consider hosting at later times when there are spots needed to be filled
  7. also, is there a way of telling duped items from normal items?
  8. well sucks, game would be 1,000 times better... ;( Are you guys planning on (or already) making any new DLC so we aren't stuck with the same old ones?
  9. Bummer. death to PS Plus!!!!!!!!! besides the free games... sucks, i bet alot more people would still be playing if they made it like PC
  10. Will there ever be another console event to receive special items and pets. (Skittles,t-26, Krayt, Sgt. Jumbo,etc...) curious on why they stopped. Wasn't playing early enough to join any of them. Also, I'd like to know if console will ever receive new characters like PC. -curious that's all.:squire:
  11. lol, xbox is lucky, they have six times more chances of bieng chosen for the event than ps3 or PC
  12. name: dakota PSN: moineat ill be on from 4:00-8:00pm EDT.
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