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  1. idk but if you are selling im buying
  2. Yeah I would have loved to see that data on range.
  3. Yeah thats pretty much the same graph I got. I thought about it a bit more. I would suggest ~1250 rate for myth gear, then aim for 1850 when you reach trans gear. Then if you get really good gear you could aim for 2600 (ASB of 12) which is close enough to the high end values. Once you get to end game gear and ultimate sets of armor you could shoot for 3600 but it is pretty tough to get there. Considering you don't spend a single upgrade on rate on your armor (it is impossible for ult armor to double cap, and there is minion health to consider), and all of your armor starts at 300 rate wit
  4. This isn't going to be much of a guide, more of a discussion. Intro Today I was puzzled by the mechanics of minion attack rate; this thread was originally going to be a question but then I decided to investigate on my own. Even though I obtained plenty of nice data, I need your help interpreting it. What you and I know thus far about minion attack rate. Let me add that most of this post will be focused on archers, since they are the most used minion and they benefit the most from the tower rate stat. [LIST=1] Minions have two stats that are "affected" by the summoner's tower rate: Minion
  5. roxx

    Item Check Thread

    Item check this please, and thanks.
  6. both can be afk'd if your stats allow for it. if you have 3k or lower stats, PS is the way to go. For 4k+ on your builders plus a decent dps you should be running campaign
  7. HEY! I didn't realize until recently lol. OH to think all the xp i've missed
  8. well, you can purchase the xp bonuses from the tavern keep for 70k mana, and they give you 10% of the xp required for the next level. if you do this from level 83 and on, you get about 100 mill xp total.
  9. Hawk Stance output of a 75k Gladius equals to a 130k Steam Saw with similar hero stats. Also consider that the default attack results into a much higher DPS because of the freaking high attack rate of the Gladius. So two 70k+ Gladius is everything you need in my opinion. This is what I wanted to confirm, how much lower hawk stance was for a gladius. What you claim sounds really good for the gladius. What about wielding one of each? thoughts?
  10. Never mind how much pleasant it is to farm one over the other....which one is better? Or is it situational? (steam saw vs battle cruiser/genie king; gladius for akatiki/winter campaign) Let's assume that we have high end saw(150k?) vs high end gladius(75k?)
  11. my issue with the kraken was his tentacles throwing me off the map no matter where I stood
  12. Nah I think it's fine. If you want to make it more clear you could add captions maybe.
  13. Colors are fine, if anything your saturation is a bit high
  14. But I guess to answer trex's question, you can: Keep farming akatiki for ult++ stat sticks Farm KG for full ult sets of armor LOL Farm WW for coal->diamonds Farm WW for santa accs Uninstall
  15. what kind of stats do you need to beat WW? more specifically, with 2 afk, and how swole should my DPS chars be? I am pretty much in the same spot as trex
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