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  1. In general though, please make sure when you leave the game that the blue spinning wheel thing that appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen when data is being synced/saved is not present. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm pretty sure it wasn't since I was just kind of jumping around in the tavern for a minute before shutting down, but I'll pay more attention to it next time. I know the few characters I leveled in the Demo cannot transfer to Ranked, and I know in Open I can duplicate those characters in just a few hours, but I want to make sure not to waste any more time if my s
  2. I'm playing the demo version for now. I played a few hours online yesterday, then a few more offline last night, but when I logged in today (with an internet connection), I was never asked to sync my saves before or after I ran the game, and my characters were gone. I tried to return Steam to offline mode, but that made no difference. Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. But I'm assuming it has to be manually done, right? Which means in the event of an unexpected outage, you won't have that opportunity.
  4. In light of the recent server downtime I'm reading about, here's a suggestion I thought I'd toss up that sounds (keyword) technically simple. I'm reading that of course Open-play characters can't be transferred to Ranked, but theoretically there should be no problem going the other way. Why not have local copies of Ranked characters automatically stored (like an auto-save file that gets overridden every time you play Ranked) that players can access in an Open game, just with a warning that nothing done on these characters will be saved to your Ranked characters? This way, in the event of a
  5. My friend and I tried this on xbox over the weekend. I am now distinctly interested in the PC version, but I notice I missed an incredible sale back in October. I don't entirely mind shelling out $15 for some good entertainment, but how much of this game's appeal is reliant on DLC? Are there any rumors or expectations of a sale in the next few weeks that suggest I should hold out just a little while? I only ask from experience of purchasing something days before a big sale.
  6. I am BRAND new, so my feedback may be totally irrelevant. I'm not sure what demographic might be most expected to be asking for help, but I wonder if some of your rules might be a bit confusing to those who may not understand certain strategies that might be considered "common knowledge" in the higher ranks. For example, if I hadn't spent half of the day roaming this forum, it might have been forever before I learned it is standard protocol to feed all your mana to the builders. Scenario: Me and a friend pick up this game and play locally for a while, working our way through the standard le
  7. was i rude? Yes, multiple times. I applaud the patience of the one attempting to help you.
  8. Ah, fair enough. I'm still very, very new. I didn't realize there was still so much disparity between the versions.
  9. Since you are already doing so much work to make this game cross-platform, have you considered giving players the option to store their characters online and log into their account from any device with a purchased copy of the game? I suspect you'd have countless users buying multiple copies so they could play at home on their favorite console, then log into their smartphone version while out and about and continue developing their same characters.
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