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  1. Back Story: This project began before my CDT endeavor and the original idea was to make a different version of DD1 that I wanted to play. Since many of you have may have heard there won't be anymore official updates for the game (content wise) in the near or distant future I decided to pick up this project again. Changes: Backing off the statement above to achieve this goal a lot of changes were made. Examples: New Difficulty New Barbarian Towers New Equipment Qualities New Items New Player Abilities / Revamped existing abilities New Maps Complete Tower Balance Changes Quality Of Life (Inventory sorting , boss timer skip , and ect to name a few) Bug Fixes Graphical / networking upgrades and many many more... For the full list of changes that I have made Here. Download: We will be handling download links and other stuff in the DD1 Redux Discord https://discord.gg/tnkEwf6 Information for Total Conversions/Mods: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/19717-dungeon-defenders-development-kit-basic-overview/
  2. " It's not a bug , it's a feature" -Bethesda
  3. I would read this https://api.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/FogVolumes.html. It all should work though.
  4. I have done a few types of pets so might as well do them all. Testing map for the pets (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713063477)
  5. This is a mock up I made about an skeleton skin. Acc locations are planned to change as I work on the rest of the skin.
  6. I have made a mock up example of this in the dddk and I wanted to see how others felt about it.
  7. These are the best looking acc and deserved to be buffed the current values. 1+
  8. As people have known I have quit the main game of dd to pursue the DDDk and I have made tons of new content and I would like to propose a few of them. As the title suggest it is currently the goblin mech boss pet , the Ancient dragon boss pet, and finally the Kraken pet. I am currently planning on doing all the bosses and potentially all of the mobs and towers ( DST/LT pet ect). (can be tested in game here on open https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713063477) Every aspect of the pets a subject to change as I update them. dragonattack.url
  9. The base dmg looks really high but it's scaled down because I added a weakening effect similar to donkey's and I lowered the healing and added a 5% hero speed boost.
  10. When I started this post I wrote a huge pitch on a new version of deeper well that is made for the 4-6k stat range that is intended to spectate what massacre mode maybe be like. On open currently I have a "pre alpha" of sorts that is intended not only for me to learn the DDDK more but as an example of bringing old challenge back to the end game and in this case I redid deeper well and made the environment more dark to give it a new look while not changing it drastically. Currently I have a full range of weapons for each type of character, 2 pets, an full cd acc set,and all of these have a dark look and some special aspects that make them unique. For example the monkey adds a small weakness effect similar to donkeys but at a way smaller percentage. (All stats and looks are subject to change and Items currently only work for the host) The map is in it's early stages but I plan on adding a central lane to deeper well to give it that extra bit of complexity in such a simple map. As it is only a challenge currently I plan on redoing it in a campaign environment as well. To hint on stuff i'm also planning is redoing the monster fest maps to bring them a campaign counterpart with a boss ect. Oasis monster fest with rewards from the city in the cliffs challenge uber death from above but with re-balanced stats to fit today's "endgame." The Map I have been a Real DDDK kick lately and I wanted to show what I have done and I hope to give more as I learn.
  11. As the title suggest we want the cupid pet to be re imagined and stripped from it adolescences and weakness. It is finally time for the goblin cupid pet to remove trans cap diaper and put on it's Egyptian clothes of ultimate power. As shown above our lord and goddess plane as spoken and as agreed that the cupid should be reborn into greatness. Save me CDT....Save me.
  12. 1aydan


    The devs made the cap 5 as they knew what time sink they want material farming to take. They won't just double that out of nowhere, unless they decide that material farming isn't where they'd like it to be. And you don't need to restart to farm motes. In fact, it hurts you more, you're giving up all shards you get there, especially when you don't want to miss out on additional Defense Rate, Destruction, Deadly Strikes and Vampiric Empowerment, and the other shards you might want to gild. I know about the time sink but I’m not currently interested in shards farming due to the rng. Still the restart functionality needs to be added for the mastery crowd and for more motes per hour for the people they don’t need shards.
  13. 1aydan


    Currently there is a mote cap of 5 from waves 1-3. I was thinking it would better to put the mote cap at 10 or 2 motes per wave so we don't have to restart the map after wave 1 or 2 all the time because of the rng involved of the drop rates. Somtimes you you get 5 the first wave and you have the leave the map. Its not gamebreaking ,but really aggervating to have to give up a win streak bonus to mote farm.As i said above if 2 motes dropped every wave then it would give more incentive to keep the win bonus. ( If this is too drastic of a change just add a restart map in the escape menu. The mastery mode people would love this also.)
  14. I don't know if its my luck but I get so fewer plain motes than I do with the c7 variant and I was wondering if we could have a vendor that would trade 2 c7 motes for 1 c1-c3 plain mote ( I know systems like these need a lose mechanic to them).
  15. So you think its completely fine to play for 500 hours in afk-able content to reach floor 300+ to start seeing any kind of difficulty? Just to play in moderate difficulty for another 200-300 floors to reach something that would actually make me lose to enemies rather than my own mistake? I'm not crying about this, I will take full advantage of the game being overly easy as I have always done so all the 7 year olds can actually get to 65 without the game being hard :P I am not speaking for everyone but this is my experience on the topic.DD2 is grind game as DD1 is also. DD2 isn't made to be a highly competitive game of great challenge, it's only to grind easy content for slightly higher numbers. My best advice for both of yall is to try another game. The majority liked the new anti-hard counter mods because it allows us to use every tower in onslaught and not just a dryad. We all complained about hard counters when trials came out, some of us even quit because we cant use our favorite towers to their fullest extent. ( I have no intention of being blunt but its just how it is.)
  16. yea thats just more bosses needed to be added.
  17. I do not agree at all because I'm definitely not going back to just using my dryad for everything again. My advice would be to just forget that those mods exist and stick to private matches.
  18. In this expansion they want players to keep the gear ( the advancing and evolving aspects) this would also give players a choice of what weapon they want without the endless grind required to find that perfect weapon (4 per sec, 5 projectile, and heavy swing speed monk weapons.)
  19. When the Protean Shift expansion brought tinkering it sparked an idea off my mind of Blacksmithing for weapons. As we know we have many shot types, Projectiles, swing speeds, and weapon weights in the game. Could there be a way to add Blacksmithing type menu to pay gold or defender medals with a combination of mats to change these aspects of our weapon? Example: Before  After (Ignore stat changes in the examples but its the closest example I could give.)
  20. The 3-floor thing is the main reason I'm not pushing high floors.
  21. Would there be any possible way to allow shard packs to be bought with gold? 50k for single shard packs of the player selected tier250k for the 5 pack of the player selected tier.The tax placed upon player shops are for inflation but if we would buy shards in bulk wouldn't that be a willing compromise that the tax placed upon player shop items? I'm not asking for the tax to be removed but lowered to a more reasonable rate. I even had ideas about setting a quota before the item is taxed. If you put an item over 500k in the shop the tax will be applied.Items less than 500k would be tax-exempt so on so forth. The new shard guiding system would also piggyback this idea and further deflate the market. As a player farming chaos 4 all day for defense rate shards to gild and with a sizeable chunk of gold I would be more than willing to buy chaos 4 packs in bulk. This change would ultimately give new players a lesser struggle to get the essential shards necessary for end game activities as well. What are yall's thoughts on this?
  22. Since our beloved DD2 Tools is going away we need to do a few things. Link from the DD2 Tools dev about the cancelation https://dd2tools.com/glimpse-into-the-future-of-dd2tools/ Update and fix the wiki for the current expansion.Get the shards in-game similar to how the mats are currently displayed.I would love to see a forum section dedicated to character builds. (DPS/tower ones)Reserved (Open to any ideas to add to the list)
  23. We really need 1 map floors then it would solve a bunch of issues.
  24. I am a veteran DD1 player and a not so veteran DD2 player (3327 hours in DD1 vs 447 in DD2.) I love the new Protean Shift expansion and I think DD2 is heading in the right direction, But ( the dreaded but word) I would see a lot of player gating mechanics removed because it is currently stagnating the Co-op aspects of DD2. For example, let's just say my friend and I are pushing onslaught. Let's say my friend one day had to get off DD2 early but I want to continue pushing but on the other hand, I want to push with my friend. In the current system if I would continue pushing my friend when he gets back on would have to do the floors I did myself. My proposal, there are a few ways to tackle this and there are ways of not making super carries a thing ( giving a campaign player c7 gear.) Difficulty scaling/loot scaling, let's say my friend is in chaos 1 and I am in chaos 7. If I want to do a chaos 7 currently with my friend I have to go back to chaos 1 and carry them through until 5300 gear score. Couldn't the loot in the c7 map I do with him just be chaos 1 equivalent? The difficulty scaling is another beast to tame, but couldn't it be like world of warcraft new level scaling system?A simpler approach than the first, edit the current game modes or give a loot incentive to people that do maps in groups rather than giving more health to the mobs.Reserved for further ideas.My conclusion, I really just want to see the DD2 matchmaking screen full of groups of people rather than everyone doing private matches because it's faster to do so. Side Note, I know there is a discord/steam groups for groups but I believe there should be an in-game fix than an external fix for the problem.
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