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  1. I asked just to be sure before I did. You can't trade games/DLC for in game items or the other way around. But gifting DLC or Games through Steam trades is perfectly legitimate. Thanks.
  2. Looking for Jester and EV DLC specifically for a Dungeon Defenders original game. The original I have comes with TF2 pets and a portal gun. Let me know if you are interested or have something else you want to offer. Thanks, again.
  3. I am looking to trade Dungeon Defenders for character DLC's (Jester, EV, Summoner, Barb). Let me know if you are interested in either a 2nd copy of the game for yourself, wanna pick one up to gift to a friend or know someone you wanna get hooked with you. We'll see what we can work out. Thanks!
  4. Cool. Just started playing the game in December and fairly new to the forums. Obviously I already have the game but adding on to it by winning some additional DLC would be great. Hope I can win, THANKS. Oh, and thanks for the Sky O Love DLC, gonna have fun playing that one as well.
  5. With so many high level toons now we need to increase the amount of mana that can be held/traded as well as how much they can be priced at. Having to run around someones Tavern Floor and look at them all is prety annoying. On the other hand it would also be helpful to just leave them all in shop but make it so the stats are viewable. Normally an item in the shop that is not priced will show 0 mana cost and you can't view it. Just make it so it has 0 mana cost (can't be sold) but the stats are still viewable. Then customers can browse them all much more conveniently and ask host for pric
  6. Its not a bug, and it is certain weapons. Just like some weapons scale much better with Hero Damage some weapons scale much better Elementally. For instance 1k Base Damage on a Generic Drop weapon < on Special Award (Enchanted Bishop) < on other Special Weapons (Obsidians). So just as Physical Damage varies from weapon to weapon with the exact same Base Damage and the Exact same Hero Damage Boost, the Elemental Damage also varies in the boost it receives from Hero Damage. Specifically for Elemental Damage (which for the most part upgrades at 144, some at 182) the damage boost from
  7. Depends on what you are looking for. The numbers on a single projectile might be best on a Classic but for DPS the Genie Kings which shoots projectiles in a hexagon/circle pattern would be better to hit multiple projectiles on a target without having to be right in their face. Are you clearing mobs in the open, at a choke point, taking down Ogre's, killing bosses? A Classic might be the easiest to farm, but depending on what you are looking for (my opinion) not the best. There are several staffs that have special projectile patterns. A Classic has the basic projectile pattern which is so
  8. On a Classic you would want to upgrade Base Damage, max projectiles, and your preference on charge rate (I max mine 100-104). I believe the base damage upgrade does 105 per level although on a ultimate or + or ++ it could be more, I have heard 144. Regardless of how much it levels because the Elemental Damage doesn't scale on a Classic you shouldn't put any in there. Other staffs do scale Elemental Damage with the Hero Damage stat so it would be more beneficial to scale the Elemental Damage on those staffs. One of the easiest ways to find out what works for you is Export to Open, upgrade
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