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  1. [PS3] NinjaBerd Always Mic'd, totally legit player just looking to have fun.
  2. Thank you everyone for the replies. I have enough common sense not to do stupid things like AFK, or joining a level 70+ game. I am only 29lvl after all. All your advice has been heard, and I appreciate it. Hopefully I will get to play with some of you folks as I get further into this.
  3. I recently started playing this game and I have been having a good time, so I see myself playing a lot in the future. This weekend was my first foray into online play. It went OK. I generally ended up spending all my mana on other peoples towers and very rarely building my own; and that got me to thinking, what is proper DD etiquette? Well absolutely no one I played with was Mic'd up, so I had no opportunity to ask. So DD Forums, what is proper etiquette when playing online? Also, anyone looking to add a player to the rotation, send me a friend request my PSN ID is NinjaBerd. I am cur
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