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  1. Thank you, I'll try to find some time to play those maps!
  2. How long will this vote be open? (didn't have time to try thoses maps)
  3. Ahh I'm intrigued now, I will have to try harder then. Ok I didn't see the mana farming part but I get it now and I admit it is well done, we need a mana farming map really bad. Thank you for your work, much appreciated.
  4. Here are my humble thoughts on the update, first the new content part. I really enjoyed the new maps, especially the challenge one because it offered something different than what we already have . However not really knowing the number of phases felt a bit confusing to me. The fact that it only gives 2 accessories seems a bit off considering how some other challenges rewards much more for shorter time (and are also easier). the jester tower didn't convince me, it seems less effective to use in the current meta of the game, but i really like the idea behind a jester builder. Finally, I didn't like the new tavern skin, just because of the lighting used in it, it seems a bit too "cold" and white for me, I like my warm tavern lit by the fire, feels more comfy. On the improvement part, i remember asking for the skippable cutscenes on the old "make DD1 better" thread, so I'm really really happy you made it, it's awesome!! I also like the improvements on DPS visibility, mana token and shop increase feels really good, same for the trap repair logic. Now for the bug fixes part; the fixes on lag (item unlock) is really great, i also like the fact that you made a "report issue" button, now I've said what I thought about the genie change in the genie discussion, and I admit I'm glad you're not fixing it until you find another solution, because even if it's part of the game upgrading takes away a little bit of the fun IMO. Thank you to the CDT team for the amazing job you provide, it feels great to see this game coming back to life and getting some much needed love, can't wait to see the next update!! (Sorry for my English.)
  5. Well I admit if the scale makes it so even low dmg genies get high mana generation (around 1.2k+) i would totally love it, but it needs to scale in a way that makes everyone happy, we can't all farm ult+ genies, and it would create some kind of a gap, easy to upgrade for veterans and hard to get in for new players, because lets face it upgrading sucks even if its a game mechanic, it's way too boring... I like the idea of using another weapon than lupine bow/wolfenstein tho.
  6. I dont like this change at all, i don't like upgrading, it feels boring and really long, the genie makes it way easier and faster.
  7. Thank you for the HUGE work you are providing, it's really amazing! I just have a question, are you planning to fix the issue with loot on survival? It feels weird that after wave 21-22 loots get bad.
  8. Thanks for the giveway and sorry to see you leave. 1st post~
  9. Not sure if this has been touched upon yet, but I would really like to see the spawn delays tweaked. Many maps (KG, Aquanos, Karathiki, to name a few) take several minutes at the end of each wave for ogres to spawn. These few minutes pile up and after 30 or so rounds of survival a LOT of time is wasted waiting on ogres. Spawn delays also make campaign maps take longer than they should (specifically KG and karathiki). If there is any way you guys could at the very least decrease the time it takes for end-wave ogres to spawn, maps would take a significantly shorter amount of time to complete, allowing players to run these maps more frequently without getting bored to death from the waiting. ^this! I totally agree it's a total waste of time.
  10. The coolest thing about where I live would be le ch√Ęteau de Versailles : [SPOILER][/SPOILER] and its amazing gardens : [SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
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