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  1. Your trying so hard scoot. Your loosing sight of the big picture. You have serious issues.
  2. Hi everyone, i just joined the forums today after i met scoot-718 online, hope everyone is as helpful as scoot. Is there anyone that could help my tower monk get to lvl 78 on Glitter insane plus? Scott-718 was kind enough to level my squire and 2 other noobs, like myself, from level 70 level 78. My friends and i are so glad you provide this service for players as myself. I tried asking notorious msg for help but he is a total jerk. Sorry if he is a friend, but he blamed me when we lost our run on glitter. You were so much helpful, i would tell anyone that needs leveling just to message you b
  3. Nice, is that from insane+. It looks like it's from Insane+ since almost all the starting stats are above 10. Plus it's for lvl 83 or maybe lower. Nice pull.
  4. It's pathetic, the only thing he know how to do is repost a pic lol. The best part about the pic, is he had to get Ranger to take it because he doesn't know how to take pictures lmao. I'm starting to feel sad for this kid.
  5. My giraffe I wouldnt trade it. You can switch your DPS huntress to traps then use that giraffe.
  6. I'm starting to think you want to have a picture posting contest. I can post a couple pictures of your hero name being on the leaderboard like Zippy Terror and Warping Core with more to come. Lmao.
  7. I msged him n no response Just keep spamming him messages. Most likely he is backed up. Also don't forget to write "Team Power Level" Good luck
  8. Was it easier with your Huntress afk with a soul focuser?
  9. Beastly101 hmmm your name looks familiar. That's right your hero name is #1 on Zippy Terror: Insane. Good job!!!
  10. I need to know this secret build everybody is talking about. It seems that everybody who uses it gets #1 on the leaderboards! No doubt this secret build on Zippy Terror Insane is amazing. You should check out the Hero Name whom got #1
  11. I have always ran Survival for non-dlc pets. Insane+ is the way to go. I like to afk my Huntress with a Soul Focuser and a penny in the R2 button. Then run around repairing and killing with the Mage. 118^ nice pull
  12. Laser Robots for your tower guys. You can test your luck with a Survival run at the Labs. At least you can get 4 every run. Good luck.
  13. I wonder how long this topic last? If you want, I can move this topic over to your awesome Crysknife pull since no one is talking about it anymore.
  14. Also Scoot-718 is willing to show you the secret build for zippy terror. I'm sure HeadHuntress wouldn't mind showing everyone Zippy Terror Insane runs since he is number 1 on the leaderboard there.
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