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  1. I don't really pay too much attention to the dailies, but don't you get one every day? That means you could play every 3 days and still get the same amount as if you played every day (based on dailies alone).
  2. 1. Making the game more predictable would make it way less fun. 2. Easily countered. 3. Not that big a deal, higher difficulties should be much harder.
  3. That's how I still do it.
  4. The Abyss Lord's Power Gambit sphere does not appear to be working. The description says that your primary attack damage is increased by 100% of your ability power. When testing damage in the tavern, I was doing 574 damage per hit (~2000dps) without the sphere equipped. With the sphere equipped, and about 1200 ability power, I saw 0 increase in damage and was still doing 574 damage per hit (~2000dps). edit: I did submit a bug report as well.
  5. Lol. Say it with me; "Pre-alpha" For the speed thing; I didn't even notice much of a difference. Sure, you no longer have machine gun cannonball towers. For the pet; Pretty sure it is in it's unevolved form, so it should be weak. Just evolve it like any other pet. For the frostbite tower; it will likely be better than guyser now. With the reduced stun time and inability to stack defense speed up the wazooh, mobs will likely make it past a single one. You will need multiple traps, rather than a single frostbite. Also, pretty sure frostbites can freeze mobs, allowing them to be 1 shot by certain mob types. For everything else; the patch just hit, so there are going to be bugs and aspects will need to be balanced better. All in all, one of your best patches ever, Trendy. I am having tons of fun playing, despite losing my amazing gear. Keep up the good work!!! P.S. (Local co-op, please make it happen!)
  6. Are these the boots you are talking about? "I" for inventory - My life is complete now! In all seriousness, this patch sounds amazing. And, as always, the patch notes are a pleasure to read.
  7. Omamba


    I disagree. What we need is to continue providing constructive feedback so that the devs can make this game better for it's final release. That alone should be reason enough to keep playing, otherwise why did you pay to play an incomplete game?
  8. But, it would be balanced. Also, it may just be me, but I have never cared about gear at anything less than max level. It's always been just equip something if it's better to help me level, then farm BiS gear when it matters.
  9. Just increase the level cap. That is essentially a wipe, without actually wiping anything. Should appease everyone.
  10. Why not do it the way WoW does stats? The higher level you are, the more stat points required for the same percentage increase. Essentially, BiS gear for each level will net approximately the same percentage increase, and as higher level caps are introduced, your crit chance will dimish if you don't get better gear.
  11. Omamba


    How is he being an ass when you are the one who wants a significant change that affects everyone? Decadent brings up valid points that you yourself can bring about said change without ruining anyone else's fun. I'm so sick of people complaining that, because they don't like something (and are not forced to play that way), they demand that no one else should play that way.
  12. Recently, I've noticed that when I do hardmode incursions, all the legendaries that drop are either level 24 or 25. It's been awhile since I've seen lower.
  13. Then he already has a very solid set of gear and only needs that slight upgrade. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I don't understand why people complain that drop rates are bad because they can't get perfect gear without farming for a long, long time. It absolutely should take hours and hours and hours of farming to get perfect gear. Making it so players can get perfect gear relatively quickly is a bad idea. I play these kinds of games with the hopes of getting better gear to make my characters more powerful. Sure, if I had the absolute best gear, I would have fun for a little bit. However, I will rapidly lose interest in the game as I would have nothing really to work towards.
  14. How can you say that the drops were trash if you didn't even look at the item power? What level were they? What level/rarity/stats are you currently using for that slot? Sorry but, this just seems really silly to me. Item did not have the stats/type he/she was after = trash, it is that simple. I've had zero upgrades since the last patch and have had only one legendary item that was a contender with dp/ds, level 23 (about 23 hours for 0 actual progress on any of my 4chars). He said they had stats like hp/dp and ap/ds. DP and DS are both stats useful for builders (which I assume he is looking for). Thus, without looking at item level, you can't automatically discount those pieces as trash. It's been awhile since of looked, but a 25 legendary with DP or DS will beat out any mythic and I think any dual piece legendary up to level 22 or 23.
  15. How can you say that the drops were trash if you didn't even look at the item power? What level were they? What level/rarity/stats are you currently using for that slot?
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