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  1. Can I get an IC for this please
  2. Not really sure how you'll go about defining new, but I guess I've only been around for a month on the forums and I'll classify that as being new. Although I've been on the forums for a while, I really haven't been able to compete with any "relatively high" quality items until now (when I decided to sell my stash of sups and ults I've been ****ding). As for the game itself, I've played since the first of january this year, and have since racked up about 1500 hours or so lol (I never turn my comp off, and leave this game on even if it disconnects when I'm out, so it all adds up). It's been a
  3. Hey guys Just wondering is there actually any difference between using 1 afk or 3 afks in a survival map. The main point of using afks in survival is to get more mobs so you have more chances to get armour right? If so, is there any point of using 4 summoners in a map considering that there seems to be no difference between in number of mobs when using 1 or 3 afks. Cheers if you help! Munkle
  4. Rng hates most of us. It rewards the rich, making them richer
  5. Ok I see it finally haha. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hey guys, just curious, because all these guides I see talk about special glowing tiles in Kings Game that give extra effects, but I don't see to see any at all. Not sure what might be going on. At this point I'm not even sure what they look like. If anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks
  7. Have fun when you first enter winter wonderland then. To beat it a lot easier you have to build on 3 characters in a huge map with just 3 mins on the first build phase. Doable with 2, and building on the third during the first wave, but itll slow you down if you're new. That being said, with practice and maybe a few stat tweakings (find equivalent or just a bit worse gear with extra speed/casting rate) you'll find that it becomes a lot easier. That being said, I think everything is pretty good where it is right now. It might take quite a few tries to get the pathing down, but if you're pra
  8. [c3;818525']yeah, that NE snowman spot is a b. i had that same problem too, where the mages would be killed in no time. turns out, a lot of times if you build not quite right there, the snowman will basically crush whatever minion(s) you have up there. try moving them a little further out if you can, that should help. What do you mean by a little further out?
  9. If you have 4k health and 3k dmg and your minions are dying, you probably forgot a reflect or SD and/or aren't upgrading. Nope. I'm copying it exactly, close to the pixel. And I manage to get everything upgraded by wave 13. My archers aren't dying at all. I've been looking around at last wave and the mages just can't outheal some of the damage. After the first few times I just mixed it around and added some more mages in with each archer groups to try heal more, but to no avail still. Well a lot of ww builds have the mage standing behind the wall of archers which protects it from ogre swi
  10. Hey guys, just got a question. I've been doing WW nm recently and I've been using a build I found on on youtube. I've got close to similar stats on the summoner he uses, and I also used the same build as him but my mage minions keep getting destroyed. I'm not really sure why. So to try and fix this problem, since mage minion heal is % based, I tried upping my minion health as much as possible to raise their health. However, it was at 4k (minion damage got lowered to 3.2k from 4k) but my mages are still dying. Now I'm wondering if the heal % amount is based off how much damage you have? Anybody
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