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  1. Prepare yourself for lots of old-timers crying over their spent time being devalued. I still think a better solution still would be to scratch the entire terrible loot generation code and write a new one. But something has to be done.
  2. "Let's add a new map" "BUT THE HACKERS WILL JUST HACK IT" "Let's add a new achievement." "BUT THE HACKERS WILL JUST CHEAT TO GET IT" "Increase mana bank limit to a trillion" (this actually happened) "THE HACKERS WILL JUST HACK MANA" (This most assuredly also happened) "Let's nerf and buff some towers and weapons and pets" "BUT THE HACKERS WILL JUST CHEAT THE STATS ON THE ITEMS" "Lets add a farming map" "BUT THE HACKERS WILL JUST FLOOD EVERYONE WITH GEAR" But if you're so afraid you will get hacked mana (not that anyone can track this or can tell), you could also get duped cubes, hacked coal, d
  3. Not including a feature because hackers could ruin it is nonsense. That is a slippery slope leading right down a ravine. A bottomless one.
  4. This might stop script kiddies that barely know their way around cheat engine but none of the people that really ruin the market. You can just hijack the wave data itself and basically turn any wave into an 1 monster thing and also instantly catapult yourself to any wave you want. Similarly you can create an infinite wave like this and you can still hijack defense HP or, more specifically, monster scaling factors directly. Because the game runs client side, just limiting the stats to an exceed=max factor will only get rid of the most amateurish of hackers. There are even more complex things th
  5. I had a nice argument and everything, in two threads, and both times this disgusting piece of trash forum logged me out and ate my post. So *** this, I am out, I give up.
  6. Making it a choice of purposes is much better if you ask me. Like the last event did. A 4 player cat with a bigger boost (marginal but bigger) and a 6 player cat with a smaller boost. Or the tower vs DPS hat. You can further specialize this with ease. Offer a choice of a Monk vs Summoner pet. Even if someone only plays DPS, this will automatically be auctioned then, giving the DPS player currency. Offer a special Bloodshot staff (no poison damage but bloodshot pattern) vs a special Steamsaw/Gladius. Again, tower-only people will sell these and there will be enough people to buy those. The stro
  7. Forum quality and OMD2 nonsense aside, I am not actually sure how aware the CDT is of these loud protests and "the majority of the community wants this" claims by minority groups (the rich) being just that. The rich controlling the further development of the game by basically shouting BOOOOO at everything that doesn't directly cater to their persisting richness. And don't give me crap about this not being the case. It's the case in EVERY GAME with an online factor. And this is only increased here because the have-nots and most of the modicum (the people between the have nots and the haves, lik
  8. **** *** ******* **** **** forums logging me out right after writing a post(TWICE). I hope whoever coded this piece of inflammatory *** gets punched in the face. I am not typing it all again it basically boils down to: The rich, and their damn self-perceived entitlement to their status, are ruining what little is left of the economy. "Lab is terrible, at least fix the AI" "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" "Make the bunny costume available for people" "NOOOOOOOOOOO MUH EXCLUSIVE ITEM, YE PEASANTS LAY OFF IT" "Do event re-runs." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOW DARE YOU TAKE AWAY FROM MY 150-200 CUBE ITEM WORTH T
  9. Any opposite to anything will always seem 20x bigger than it actually is because those people scream the loudest, dreadfully afraid their precious riches or exclusive belongings will decrease in bragging value. No amount of pretending this isn't the case is gonna convince anyone. People were selfish AF, and of course the haves know that if they just shout loud enough, the have-nots will never get their due so they can stay haves forever. Bunny costume or event re-runs, there's no difference there. Sometimes I like to fantasize just how mad those people would get if the servers went up in flame
  10. Allowing exclusive sources of some pets (shard campaign survival, challenges) to drop those pets up to Ult++ (like regular pets can drop) doesn't mean those will always drop at that quality.
  11. Balancing out every pet will be a nightmare since so many pets scale differently, have different ways to attack and what not. Putting all of that into consideration when adjusting their growth (and how high they can roll) sounds like a mammoth project There are so many vanilla pets and then the shards add so many more. And then there are even more from challenges and lost quests. It's a nice idea, making all pets viable for something, but I don't think that's going to happen just because there is too much work involved in it. Contrary to the whole "4 people wave system" you suggested I think T
  12. The game still connects to the server for matchmaking and saving games. So if you want to prevent egg farming 24/7 you could add something like "Check server time; if(<time of easter>)=true, enable <code call here>" That would only enable egg drops based on server time. Getting server time shouldn't really be difficult to implement. No matter what kind of server they run, it has to know what time it is and any basic server infrastructure should have a get_time call. The only hazard with this is that you need to implement this time call and easter check (or whatever other seasonal c
  13. Yeah, because other games have stupid practices, it's totally a good idea to copy that.
  14. The "max possible mobs by default" would still need SOMETHING to tell the game to make that happen, which still means you need to modify player count in the wave calculation somehow since that is the primary factor that goes into it. That's why this is not something so easy. Even if you want this to not actually simulate players existing, you still need to make the game think there are more players than there really are. Unless they change how wave size is calculated, which is a barrel of worms. I don't have the actual code but wave size should be something like this, if the code is relativel
  15. "Game is largely based off economy, and right now its on a ventilator" And yet the community constantly chooses to devalue their own currency (MK2s, Small Chickens). Not to mention, events hardly happen often enough to consist of most of the economy. If anything, re-running events gives poorer people a chance to actually come into some money and it will relax the absurd inflation that is going on. And you seem to be under the misconception that everyone here has been playing since the dawn of time, which is just not the case. So because a few players would be inconvenienced, we shouldn't do it
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