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    i did choose hitpoints flashheal buidingspeed movement All Ress 90
  2. to expensiv, to weak, other classes do have better alternates its a little bit like evolution
  3. from another player? I did a few days ago my "mythdefender" award. I think I am too weak atm to offer something interesting (Cube stays at daddy :) )
  4. and ...why do you still play such a bad game? *lol*
  5. thx for info - anyone who hates his MK2 and want to thow it away? ...maybe in my direction ? :)
  6. Hi there I preordered Dungeon Defenders on D2D. Did not know Steam at this time. Is ist possible to switch an account to a steam account? (maybe with a few extra $s). Or will I never be able to get a portalgun?
  7. The huntress Set pls :) SteamID Dhub79
  8. Hi - Anyone knows in which map the different mask, braccers, etc. can drop? or maybe a link?
  9. can someone post a creenshot of the build?
  10. Same question here - have an installed version on the tablet but smartphone is without it...
  11. thx so much ...a switch over 2 sides is impossible?
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