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  1. and there is a much better build for that (although a bit slow ;) I was talking about this one.
  2. Do you have a link for the monkey farming build you're talking about please?
  3. You want a mule account, (litteral translation from french of this type of account :p). I know that in mmorpg it's ususally allowed, as long as you're not multiboxing and you use your other account on an other comptuter (if you want the two account to be logged at the same time). I think you can but only my experience say that, you might want more precise answer to rassure you. Hope it helps though.
  4. What is your build order for your td lazy build?
  5. Thanks for the information, i'll turn off mm for armor only run and see how it goes (the thread you give me with your link was very interesting :))
  6. I saw the wiki article, information is not precise (and from very old patch note) and ppl in this thread are not sure about the exact effect of mm about loot. Perhaps there is some experienced player who have info on this matter.
  7. I already searched the forum googlee, but haven't found yet a satisfactory answer to my question. How mm affect loot? If running non mm allow me to gain 30min/ 1 hour on the run (by the easier difficulty who allow me to start at a later wave for ex) should i run non mm instead? I heard a lot of things like it cap armor quality at earlier wave (but by how much 1/2 wave compared to nmhc maybe more), or it buffs the stats of loots, but increase the chance of rollover etc. I read somewhere about a 25% buff of something, some says that it increase the loot multiplier of wave by 10%. I'm confu
  8. Well it depend on the char you'll use it, if it's on a summoner i suggest you up radius over rate assuming you already have enough rate (it's 1k1 or 1k2 the cap i think). If it's on squire/app rate, and for trap/aura if you already have enough radius rate too i think.
  9. I just did it with 3 afk with a 4k100 squire, everything was 3 starred by the end of wave 10 (thx mang :p) and i afked after. Got on sup and one ult+ pawn, thx metal thrust. (i beat my fatest run 23 min to beat it)
  10. I sold a piece of one of my char by mistake, is there any way to get it back (by contacting trendy or something maybe?)
  11. Thx, i heard earlier this day that sup and higher quality genie only drop as campain reward is it true?
  12. I just wanted to know if some of you have a quick layout to build to farm some genie. Thanks for reading.
  13. Thank you very much for putting screenshot for the King's Game NMHCMM - No loot off map build
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