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  1. For me the event this month were expected to fulfill the 50 million XP. What must have been frustrating for some players "at least for me" went to see the player's trendy with a gun and familiars that we can not get because these events do not happen more. My idea not know if it's feasible, but it would create an event with at least double xp, and if the player plays it on pure strategy, or survival, he wins a familiars. Example: if the map is the month glitterhelm caverns beyond the double xp it would take a skittles, and depending on the map you will most voted one familiars with good attributes. In short this is my idea, and I think that would satisfy most of the new players who have not had the opportunity to play the events of familiars and weapons they had before. Or launch a dlc where we can get. grateful for the attention. psn id: valtir1982
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