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  1. Nice! Hopefully I can get some time to play.
  2. You mean like this post^ and my post about your post lol.
  3. GOBUAcronymDefinitionGOBUGovernment-Owned Business Unit
  4. I remember getting excited for the weekends to come when we could only play on weekends during play tests.
  5. Get it if you don't have it, it's pretty fun.
  6. No kidding, I don't even reroll pets anymore.
  7. I got 1 level per run, 1-2 or 9-10 didn't matter, it was always 1 per 7 waves completed on easy freeplay first map. I would do 5 runs (2x per day or every other day) to get my pet to 10, then sell it. It's odd that it is taking you 2+ rounds after the first to gain 1 level. Was it like this for others?
  8. +1 Onslaught sucks.... Survival mode was 100x better
  9. If I had time to play like I use to, that would be me and my good friend Nick! The wave skippers and cheaters on ps3 couldn't even take our #1 spots, I held them to the day it went offline. It was kind of annoying after a while, getting 50-100+ friend requests in a day. It had me wishing someone would take all the #1 spots.
  10. Agreed. A lot of towers feel useless right now. Before defense speed was removed, I could build with any combination of heroes I wanted and they were all fairly viable, (I didn't say perfect). Now it's basically the same crappy build on all maps. I'm not saying speed HAS to be added back, but towers right now are total crap! Armor in general is a total mess, I'm losing interest day by day.
  11. It kind of feels like almost all of the projectile towers are useless
  12. Never had this happen, is it caused maybe by building too close to a spawn? Or does it happen no matter where you build?
  13. I noticed I gain 1 level for every full run on any difficulty. It sucks, but it's easiest to just do the first map on easy freeplay while you watch tv or something fun. I don't have a lot of time but I only have 10 levels to go, that's 10 easy runs.
  14. The strategic part is for solo players who only have 4 slots. Whereas a full group in multiplayer can be less strategic having just about every build and hero available. You have essentially 16 slots in multiplayer... So, right now a full group is almost as good as having no hero deck at all. Do people not understand that??? The guys who love the hero deck screaming "it will mess up the balance if we have access to all heroes and builds".... you/we basically have that access already (especially if you play in an organized group). Solo play is where the hero deck really blows. I don't really c
  15. I am one of those who would like to see it gone. I am also one who is accepting to change. I play mostly solo and while I do get by fine with 4 heroes, it's just not near as fun as it could be. It's very frustrating for solo players being so limited with all of the builds coming out. It just feels like you are penalized for playing solo. I feel I can get pretty damn strategic without being forced to do so. I'm not a sheep, I can plan my own builds with trial and error. I also understand there are a lot of players not vocal on the forums. I played for a long time before I joined the forums. Re
  16. I think they should throw in a patch specially made for coop. You can only have a 1 hero deck, 4 players = 4 heroes, not 16. Then come back and let us know how much you love the hero deck. Honestly, I have yet to see anyone make a compelling argument why the hero deck should stay in the game. I won't be purchasing any new heroes with a 4 hero deck. The balance issue is crap. A lot of people play with the same group, so this group can essentially bring 16 different hero/build combos into a game, if you think that is balanced, then give solo players 16 slots. Even better, just remove the damn th
  17. I think you are wrong and that DD1 never was balanced. It was fun tho. This time it seems like they want to go with balance first. I disagree, Personally, I think DD1 has a nice balance. I know there is a large group of individuals who would agree, and I'm sure a good portion who wouldn't agree.
  18. I absolutely hate the hero deck as it is now.
  19. Yes, this should absolutely be a fix and not a week long event.
  20. Remove eggs and hatching, pets should be map specific rewards. Larger hero deck, dps needs to be buffed, more bosses.
  21. Thank you so much Trendy! Been waiting for this for a long time...
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