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  1. SID: TotalTonix Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TotalTonix/ I wanna thank you guys for putting so much time and effort into all of these great events.
  2. I need privileges for the beta forum as well please. :)
  3. Oh right.. Thanks :) I just worried a little bit when I saw that it was named 'Kobold On Treadmill' rather than 'Kobold On A Treadmill'... And it also says 'Is Epic Win' for the description. I've never owned any other of these, and this is my best pet. So I was just making sure.
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=137967560 I've been using this for a little while now. I bought it from another player for a few million mana, and it just came to me that it might not be legitimately obtained... I really hope I haven't been using a hacked pet.
  5. They specifically mentioned in their Q&A that if the next gen consoles give them the ability to perform regular updates and changes to the game to keep it fresh like they want, they will attempt to put the game on consoles.
  6. Are you asking if they can make PS3 control support for the iPhone version? First of all I don't think that's possible, second of all this is the wrong Forum section. If you're talking about the PC version though... PS3 controllers are not officially compatible with computers. The reason many PC games have Xbox controller support (including DD1) but not PS3 controller support is simply because PS3 controllers don't work on computers. However there are softwares that you can download and install to you computer that do allow Xbox controllers to work on PC. I use motioninjoy. It allows me to connect my controller to the PC through USB or Bluetooth. Bluetooth = no wires, which is awesome. You can change the configuration for the controller to act as an Xbox controller (for games which support Xbox c/), and also a few other configs including the ability to key-map it to different buttons on the keyboard or your mouse. Anyway, please be more specific next time. This is a very vague thread.
  7. I wouldn't mind that either, but I could see why people wouldn't want exclusives. I'm a collector in games that I really like and if something is exclusive in a game I just started playing, it's kind of annoying. I do the same thing... Become a collector. It's a bad habit though, cause although it gives me a fun challenge I end up getting completely obsessed with extremely expensive items..... Anyway, this is just a skin, not an item. They could even do something like TF2. If you owned DD1, you get a 'Genuine Young Apprentice Skin'. If you never had DD1 before the release of DD2 but still want the skin, you can buy it from the in-game shop. However, yours will not be titled 'Genuine'.
  8. BOO! Get it, cause you're a ghost. Eh...
  9. If they are going to give us a benefit like that I think it should be costumes that turn the original 4 characters into the kid versions. From the video it looked like the heroes are all grown up, I'd like to be able to be the kids again. :P
  10. Personally, I think they should primarily focus on the Co-Op, because that's what everyone wants to see more of. But really it's up to them. I suggested to them a month or 2 ago that they should do a MOBA style PvP where you level up and buy gear during the map, rather than just bringing your guys in. That just makes it fair, and since they are saying that it's a MOBA I assume that's what they plan on doing. I seriously doubt that the Co-Op and PvP levels will be related. Otherwise, I really really really hope that they decide to make the Co-Op more P2P. I would much rather pay for the game than have to put up with buying 'XP boosts' or 'Strength boosts' on a regular basis. Personally, I think they should really just make the MOBA part F2P. I'm interested in the MOBA side, and they can easily make a fair, F2P MOBA. I know this because it's been done a few times already, and I have faith that they can do it too. Turning a game that worked just fine as a P2P game into F2P on the other hand is much more risky... Think of it like this: Teaching a new puppy to be a police dog isn't too difficult. Teaching an old guard dog to be a police dog is more difficult. Get what I'm saying? Hope so.
  11. I haven't played League of Legends in almost a year, but I know that they used to do a sort of rotating platform. The way they did it is to have one of each type of hero every week, that way if you like playing ... Let's say in the case a builder, you can consistently play as builder, but you have to pay in order to have the hero you want specifically unlocked at all times. My all-time favorite F2P games have been TF2 and Runescape (you know, back in 2007), other than that I haven't been a fan of F2P games because whenever I try one I eventually find some sort of overpriced imbalance in the game. I personally hope they take this F2P / P2P thing in the way that Runescape did, which is to have separate worlds for F2P members and P2P members to play on. So, if I have purchased my own hero, I can go into a game type where I go up against others who have purchased their own heroes. But otherwise I'll have to play on F2P servers where everyone must choose from a random selection, even if some of them have bought their own heroes before. I know DotA 2 and a mode that I think is called Single Draft that does something like this. Except every different player gets 4 random heroes to choose from. It keeps things mixed up, and as long as the heroes are balanced this wouldn't be bad either.
  12. When I first heard about it I jumped out of my seat and did a little jig. I then proceeded to enjoy reading all of the amazing ideas you guys are implementing. And yes, you most definitely did surprise me.
  13. So ever since I heard of DD2 (yesterday, 20 minutes after it was announced) I've been pretty excited. I have been constantly checking the Forums just to see what others have to say. I was thinking about the MOBA aspect and... Wait... Why was I excited about the MOBA idea anyway? It felt like that was something I've wanted from DD for a little while. Almost as if they got the idea from me..... [QUOTE]Honestly I think PvP is the way to go now with this game. Tons of people out there are completely leveled up with several chars and have all the best gear they can possibly get, and PvP adds a whole other aspect to the game that will be very fun. I personally think that you should completely revamp what classes do in PvP though. When people do Ranked PvP, I assume there will be a leaderboard of sorts. Here's some ideas I have in general: Firstly, I think there should be two types of Ranked PvP. A 'matchmaking with randoms' type and a 'organized match' type. The idea is that the Random matchmaking is basically where everyone that joins is put to the same level and all stats are put to a certain limit. For example, everyone is level 50, and no matter what there equipment is they are only allowed to have 200 of any given stat. This also means that there should be a cap on how many skill points you can even have. So lets say you have 1000 skill points to spend on whatever statistic you want. This is the only way things could really be balanced in a public, unorganized game with random people. The problem is, it would render most equipment useless and completely abolish the point of being able to bring your characters which you've worked hard on into PvP as no matter what level you are, you have the same stats. This brings me to the idea of having a separate mode for PvP completely. Ranked, Open, PvP. It could be great! You can turn various maps into PvP maps, have several different gamemodes... Many of which are already in the game as challenges and such. Have fair matchmaking where it puts you with people that have a similar W/L ratio with you and you'd be gold! So your PvP characters are completely separate from the rest allowing you to have a completely custom statistic plan for the PvP characters. This could also mean that each hero only gets a few defenses. Things like the magic barrier are useless, so you could either replace them with something new, give them a use OR just take them out and make it so every hero only has maybe 3 or 4 defenses to use. Leveling up in this PvP mode would be simple. I suggest a MOBA style system, where they level up as they play in each game rather than having one constant level. I think that at the beginning of the game you should be able to chose between 3 different player roles - Builders, Tanks (DPS) and Supporters. Once you've chosen a role you choose a hero. A Builder - Let us say I choose to be a builder, then I choose apprentice. This means I will be an apprentice with low stats of everything except my tower stats. I will be slow, weak, and not quick to repair, build and cast... But my defenses will be great. When I level up I can upgrade any of my statistics, but I am limited to a maximum of about 20 in all except the tower stats. A Supporter - Now I'll choose supporter and I choose to be the squire. (I'm choosing squire rather than the inevitable choice of huntress to prove that the most heroes will work with most roles). So Support will get high speed, high casting rate and strong hero abilities. As a squire, I already have high health, so that's a good combo giving me a little bonus... But I'm also slow, so although I have a speed boost I only end up being about average speed. Luckily that's something I can put as many upgrades into as I want as I level up, so I could potentially get a good stat build going to turn from a support character to being a generic warrior that can help out in fights. A Tank - Tanks inevitably get high health, high damage and high resistance. As they level up they become almost invincible to mobs and really put up a fight against players and even enemy towers. This time I choose to be play tank as Series EV. I am a ranged tank, which is good in itself... But I immediately suggest the range to be nerfed like it is in Assault challenges to prevent it from being overpowered. Anyway, I have high HP and damage... So I am essential for taking out enemy defenses. Having a support countess on my team using her Call to Arms ability to give me a little boost. So that's my matchmaking PvP idea. Using that sort of game mechanic to create several gametypes and just let people have fun with it. For getting certain achievements and such you can make accessories and pets that they can carry with them to show off. That's always fun. For an organized game of PvP, everything is fine the way it is. The reason I say this is because if it's organized people can set ground rules stating things such as the hero must be this level, there must be one of these heroes on every team... yadayadayada. It generally makes it more fun when you go into a game that was planned and that is fair than when you jump into a random guys game that's full of extremely fast DPS chars. With my idea I think matchmaking and PvP with randoms will be much better, and I really hope you take some of it into consideration. Thanks for reading.[/QUOTE] This is a post I made on this thread. I'm not saying that they took the idea right from this text, but I did tweet laurawantsacow about it later and she acknowledged it, so I know at least one of them read the suggestion. I also know I didn't directly suggest that they make a MOBA out of DD, but I'll be honest, I thought about it. I knew they wouldn't take a mere suggestion so far, so I didn't mention my idea of having a DotA or LoL style PvP map as I was planning on making it myself for Steam Workshop. As I said, I don't know for a fact if they used my ideas, but the fact that they're making a MOBA like I had personally suggested, even if it's not DotA style, which I doubt it will be.. I still feel kinda special. Edit: I assume it was also inspired by Tower Wars.
  14. This was said on the facebook page: Saw that, quite exciting news. :D For PvP, I doubt it. All you're getting is HATS and heroes! Sorry, I play TF2.. Lol... Just lol.
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