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  1. is there any way i could get another invite?
  2. I was invited and missed the invite, i also have no idea who the person that invited me... im havin an interesting weekend. What should i do
  3. Pagan, this topic has been beating more than a dusty rug. It has been stated multiple times that we will not be getting PC content. I remember correctly it is due to patch size limits/money amount, and RAM of the consoles. I think the purpose of his post was to hope it may be on the ps4 because of console improvements, but it still has a .0001% chance of coming to ps4
  4. It was a fun event that im glad I was apart of! My team made it through and Heer was a great host.
  5. One thought that crossed my mind to get past the damage barrier would be to have people specced into elemental damage, with two different types you could do a lot of damage!
  6. It could mean in your access being revoked. Just be patient Im confused by this? What access being revoked?
  7. PSN TheCureTo_stupid, i will be on after 930 PM EST and have a mic. would love to see your build
  8. my PSN is TheCureTo_stupid i do have a mic and would love to join you
  9. The 125 shaitan for 78 would be a nice touch, PSN TheCureTo_stupid. I wont be on until like 845 EST i have work tonight.
  10. I got stuck on Dungeon Defenders for awhile because of the tower defense RPG style game. The Coop is pretty original but the PVP is getting released first. Why? Why release something that other games such as League or DOTA only have when the part that makes Dungeon Defenders original is coming out second? If anybody wants to shed some light on this for me that would be great because I just don't understand.
  11. TheCureTo_stupid I wont be able to join on this date sadly because i have work until 830 and wont be on until 845PM EDT but i wish you guys luck with the event.
  12. Yesterday was the ps3 event and also my birthday, but my ps3 decided it would be a great idea to corrupt my hard drive and i got it fixed today. I got my files backed up but id like to know if there is like a make up event day? any way i could still do it or am i out of luck until next event?
  13. a friend of mine is. Does that make people glitch?
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