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  1. Are there any planned changes to how premium pets will work? To clarify, I spent most of the monthly eggs hatched requirement hatching Evilwicks. I adore that pet and I wanted a Legendary. It took 12 eggs. At 250 gems and 8 hours a pop, it cost me 3000 gems and 96 hours to finally get a Legendary Evilwick. Which, you know, I gladly did. Someone has to test the premium pet system, and I really really like that pet. On top of that, I completely agree that premium pets should not be pay to win. With that said, if it took 3000 gems and 96 hours to get any class skin, I would NOT have a skin. And essentially all I wanted was a pet skin. So to reiterate my question, are there any changes for premium pets planned to make them less... costly to get what you want? I apologize if this has been asked or answered elsewhere, I've been super busy for the last month or so and it is entirely possible I've missed it.
  2. Jester was easily my favorite from the original Dungeon Defenders. When they initially announced the moba, it broke my heart that Jester wasn't included. With that said, I believe they're planning on introducing new characters before they reintroduce old ones. In fact IIRC, the Trendy team was planning on having a new Hero out by the time we left beta. I may be way off base here though.
  3. Pets as a gold sink is important because that opens up the trade economy later. There has to be a gold sink in place of some sort, otherwise we would be standing on infinite gold and it would be worthless. To get to the point, your base stats won't matter for your pet to start with. You won't notice a real difference until you evolve your pets. IIRC, the difference grows each time you evolve them, and after you've maxed your pets Legendaries should have roughly double the stats of powerful. I don't have the source at the moment, and it's been awhile since i saw pet ranked talked about, so don't quote me on that. Should be how it works though.
  4. Yeaaaaaaaah I'm still having problems. Please send halp iamisom.
  5. I believe they are currently doing maintenance. I've got an update queued on Steam that isn't wanting to go through just yet. Give it a go in a little bit and see if it starts working better.
  6. Okay, okay, okay. You guys are killing me here. Go to hero page. Right click a hero icon. Select 'Inspect Element' and you'll get a fancy little inspector bar on the bottom of your screen. And you know what is going to be right smack dab in the middle of that? The Hero name. Probably because it is alternate text for the picture or something like that. That's right. We've known all of the current Heroes since we've had a Hero page. It was never a mystery. There are no spoilers. There is no guesswork. It is right there for ANYONE to see. I won't bother listing every Hero. Just go look it up yourself, it'll take you half a minute. Kthnxbai. EDIT: And there is NO Jester yet. I'm hurt as much as anyone here. We can all go cry together and stuff. Seriously. It's sad.
  7. There we go. Should obviously use a staff and have a Shamany... Tribaly... Autumn-colored.... Headress thing. THIS IS GOOD ART
  8. Personally, I'd actually prefer it if the MOBA didn't go competitive. Now, don't get me wrong. I see the allure to competitive, the challenge of it all. I've played LoL and Dota2, and I've had a lot of fun with them. Heck, I've spent money in LoL, more money than I like to admit, because I enjoy it enough to want to have fancy skins to show off. The point is always going to remain that competitive does work, it is successful, and a community will get behind it. But the point also has to remain that a competitive community can and will treat other members... Poorly. To put it mildly. Extremely mildly. I can not begin to tell you how many times I've had char choice, item choice, spell choice, gameplay, etc, etc ridiculed and myself insulted over one poor game. And while, yes, winning is usually more fun than losing... That doesn't mean that sort of language or those sorts of actions can be condoned. Although I will admit, I get a chuckle when people degrade me for the amount of kills I get... When I'm playing as a support. I would love to see a MOBA that is casual. Again, I see the appeal in competitive... But ultimately, end of the day, I want to play this game and have some fun. That's a lot harder to do when people are only competitive. It goes from a fun game to a game where people either did good... Or bad. And everyone wants to share who did bad and how. In the worst way. And you can't say that people will not support casual. I personally would spend some money in this game for the sake of fun. That is what the entertainment industry is all about. If people think this is fun, money will be spent on it. While competitive is an option, and one that has proven successful especially with MOBAs... That doesn't mean it has to be the only way things are done. I understand people are still going to want competitive. And I'll even encourage it to a degree. But I'm still going to hold out that a casual game will always be an option with this MOBA mode.
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