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  1. Lost Temple needs the replay feature or a serious work on the pathing issues urgently. The game is going in the right direction, its getting a lot better then when I started playing, but losing time because of something that you don't control is the last thing a players wants so they will keep leaving. After every update players come, try the game for a few days and leave waiting for the next patch that will fix the bugs.
  2. I never understood why getting gear and shards for a hero you don't own is possible, but yes, sadly it is normal.
  3. The ability to access menus after a wave starts. Its so annoying when other players are waiting for me to clear inventory :/
  4. Found them annoying since first opening a shard.
  5. The ability to open menus while in a wave is a great idea and something that I really miss. Unlock the menus and move chat and messages (boss spawn, tower built/destyroyed, etc.) on top of them.
  6. The old campaign was giving 600 Gems, the new, shorter version doesn't give any. The 450 that we can get now are from the new Adventure mode.
  7. Can confirm there are a lot more lag spikes since the latest patch, some are pretty big sadly.
  8. Resetting floors is way too radical and I can't think of a change to Onslaught that would require it. I absolutely support the idea of having 1 map per floor, but we also deserve a proper compensation for the hours spent in achieving our current floor. In my opinion giving us the floor we would have been if all floors were with 1 map seems like a very good solution that also makes sense.
  9. You have to beat your record for the name to update. For example if you completed Floor 145, beat 146 and it will update in about an hour or two.
  10. Having the same problem, opened around 60 Chaos I packs and got 0 Destruction.
  11. The ability to reconnect to a game you have been disconnected from.
  12. Here is my short list with the reasons why all Onslaught floors need to be 1 map: - Disconnecting/game crashing for any reason forces you back to map 1 of the same floor (huge issue to be honest, some floors take over an hour and losing all that progress is terrible) - The time it takes to beat a single floor is way too high - It makes no sense that some floors are 1 map, others 2 and most are 3, what is the logic and benefit of that? - The rewards are minimal compared to the time we have to invest
  13. I don't see anything wrong in having a way to beat a map easy. If you want a hard challenge, make it yourself, nerfing anything will affect a lot of other players and I am sure the majority will be far from happy. Vicious Strikes is not the reason for anything bad and should not be changed in any way.
  14. Because of the awful optimization I was forced to stop playing the game after over 1000 hours if playing it. I get 10-15fps on my PC which is bad, but the game hardly goes above 40fps on other PC with 1GB video card and 4GB RAM... I stopped hoping for a fix as they will abandon it because of DD2 which I hope will be optimized.
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