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  1. I use a very similar build, but I make it a bit more effective by placing the blockades in "strategic points" (mostly around corners) so the sharken dont charge at the blockades and move them around too much. I also use strength auras instead of some additional traps in your build. I've played around a bit with the corner blockades too, but had mixed results. Did you find that all of the sharks gravitate to the corners, or just some of them? The gas/proxy/blockade combos i use after the main chokes work very well for me, but I'm constantly tweaking my builds and I might need to incorporate this for an Aquanos+ set up. Including strength drain auras for this particular Insane build seems like overkill to me... The ogres are so slow and stupid it's easy to take them out quickly without wasting the additional DU's. My blockades are pretty strong (15k) and i've never had one go down running this on Insane. SD auras may prove useful when I try building this on + tho, so i'll definitely keep it in mind. I'd like to see a copy of your Aquanos build if you ever have time to put one together in DDplanner.
  2. I'll be trying this out. I'm sick of Misty pure strat, and love having an excuse to take donkey runs.
  3. Fish that are resistant to elec will pose a problem to you. Are you solo'ing this or do you play with friends? With 2 or more i think this map would be easy with your build. Nice job. The few fish that are elec resistant end up getting grouped together by the ensnare and blown away by a proxy, it works like a charm if everything is set right. I play with a very large trap radius (300), and this may be my advantage. Most other people i've seen on this site like to keep their radius under 100 but I got used to it after perfecting my Sky City build and most of my builds revolve around large trap combos. I'll usually play this map with at least one other friend. I'm getting good with the warp gates now tho, so I might be able to handle it solo with an afk. When playing local I keep a spot open to bring in an afk and post him at the middle crystal for the final wave. I appreciate your interest and if you ever want to take a run through it let me know. I'm going to try this set-up on insane+ if I get a really good party together, or start hitting 90 lvl build stats... haha whichever comes first
  4. Build aura stacks 1st, then switch to hybrid huntress (a dedicated trap weapon may be swapped after all traps are layed) and lay out half the traps before the wave starts. Deal with Sharks during the 1st wave, then lay out remaining traps. Finish off with a few blockades and you'll be amazed how well it works. The only threat to this build is sharks... but the gas traps do a phenomenal job of keeping them at bay. Just pick them off and you'll have no problem. All fish are caught up in the aura/trap stacks so you won't have to stress :) Hmu with any additional questions/comments and go kick some Kraken a$$ today!!! http://www.ddplanner.com/?l=15976,aquanos-insane
  5. I'm sad to say the skeptics seem to have been right. I ran wave 1 Sky City I+ Mix about 10x today with 3 high level friends and no one to my knowledge received anything noteworthy... It was definitely not worth the effort, I'd rather be punched in the face. On a side note, Aquanos Insane has been extremely buggy for me the past few days. 4 out of the 5 runs I attempted today ended because of a single enemy not appearing at the end of the wave, which stops the wave from completion. I haven't been running this map for an extrememly long time, so I was wondering if this is a common problem or something new. I'm obsessed with getting good Aquanos gear right now so i'd appreciate any advice (Maybe the map is broken on Insane, but works better on hard or I+ for some weird reason). Thanks in advance to all my fellow DD heads.
  6. Thanks to everyone for their valued input! I've read that the rewards for mix mode were between 3-5% better than what they would be on the regular version of the map. Maybe Trendy is throwing PS3 another curveball by making a general statement which applies only to PC.. but until I hear something concrete to verify or dismiss this theory i'll have to run my own analysis. I don't expect this to make a huge difference in the loot received, but every little bit helps and I'll gladly take a 105^ piece over a 100^ anyday. If worse comes to worse I'm still thinking about trying it out on SkyCity+ for a wave 1 reset with two other people who have decent dps characters. It looks like Glitter+ is the preferred map to mix it up on if I'm actually trying to build MM+... I'm still confused on how to defend against wyverns spawning from all locations (Must be a huge wast of DU'S). This doesn't seem to be an issue for those who posted tho, surprisingly the skeletons are a bigger pain in the a$$ than I anticipated. I know they are now unconnected to the mage and must be killed 3x, but I still seem to underestimating them. After all they are just skelletons right??
  7. 1) I'm not aware of an upgrade cap for weapons dependant on level but i'd say the most you can expect out of a 78 is around 150^ (I'm sure there's people who will tell you they have pulled better tho) 2) I usually trade based off the upgrades and try to keep them close to even. If you're looking to trade for a good 78 weapon I'd start by offering one of those 3 high upgrade pieces you meantioned and throw in a good 70^ piece too. If that doesnt work try two of your high end armors but don't go any more than that. 3) Yes you can. Some glitch tho, so be careful what you trade for.
  8. I want to start venturing into the world of mix mode in search of the best loot possible... but I was hoping for some advice before going all in on this project. It probably doesnt pay off doing mix on a setting other than insane+, since you could just jump up the difficulty for better chests on any other setting. With this being said, i'd like advice from anyone who has gone a few waves on an i+ map past or including Royal Gardens. I'm aware the Wyvern routes are random in mix mode, which will most likely pose the greatest challenge to a build. I'm looking for interesting ways around this obstacle, as well as opinions on which map may be the easiest to handle. My initial instincts are pointing me towords Misty+ as a starting point. The close proximity of the crystals, and tight choke points are what make me assume this. Anyone have an opinion??
  9. @Kiss - Hahaha she's gorgeous, I made a special place for her in my tavern. I had to let her go tho, if she had 2 upgrades maybe she'd of been able to cook too. I really appreciate the drops bro, it's like Christmas morning everyday in my tavern lately :) @Pro - That giraffe was a beast! Damn... Kiss just reminded me i missed out on Classic's UD giveaway. I gave it a few refreshes earlier on but never saw his name pop up. Next time I'll be quick @Anaheim - Laughing?!?! no no no... i couldn't agree more *sparks a match*
  10. @Pro - Yea bro really nice meeting u, I cant wait to try that trap. Very slick! I'm jumping on for a little now i'll hit u up if you're around to PL. I still have 5 mil left to 78 my squire. I won't have long tho because of all this Valentine's day stuff.. :/ dang sometimes i wish life didn't get in the way of DD. @Crazzie - Sorry man, I gave away the last red to TH3H1V3 last night, I wish I knew you needed one. If I come across another you'll have 1st dibs. @DD Community - I've received a fresh supply of pets and various weapons again today... awesome!! :) I'm going to continue to show love and give back for as long as this continues so hmu if you see something you like! Today's selection: Giraffe's - 55^ (no TH), 38^(-2TR), 28^ (all+), 34^ (all+), 31^ (no TD), 42^ (all+) Kairi's - 48^(-4HD), 64^(all+), 52^(all+) Thanks to whoever drppoed the Giraffes :) I was able to replace my old 55^ (no TH) and am grateful for the bump in stats. Crysknife - 55^ Occulous - 98^ Junbaos - 95^, 47^ Shaitan - 36^
  11. @Sonic - You're on reserve for the 128^ Shai, thanks for being considerate and allowing someone else the weapon if you won't be needing it when it becomes available. @Kiss - Thanks for your generous contribution! I recently obtained weapons that were just slightly better than the ones you dropped off, but I definitely appreciate it, and I promise the goods will find a happy home. It's great of you to help out the newer players as you are, those were some really nice items that could of taken forever to farm for. At some point we should run a map if you have time, i'll want to pick your brain on a good morrago+ set-up. @CNyce/JMAX - Glad you guys are enjoying your new wares! U were both great company to play with, and attentive to the map at all times. Any time either of you would like to run a map, just shoot a message. As long as I'm available I'll be happy to match up. @TH3H1V3 - Sounds good bro, hmu anytime with an add. If your psn tag differs from your DD forum username just let me know when you shoot the request over.
  12. @Not2Mention- Sorry bro, I have the 120 Occ equipped on my Apprentice already. The last red Skittles is on reserve for Th3Hiv3, and all other remaining prizes from yesturday have already been awarded. When I outgrow the 120, i'll try to remember to contact you. You can have it free of charge at that point. @Pro-Yea Pro def hmu later tonight. We'll see what kind of work we can do on MM+ and you can show me that trick. Haha i've heard of people dropping a Mana Troll on the spawn point but never anything like what ur describing. @PS3 DD Community- The Phantom dropped strikes again!!! This may of even been someone else all together because these drops were left in a different spot than yesturday... this is getting really cool :) I sadly cannot use any of the items but i'm sure someone will. Unlike yesturday these appear to be clean items, but im unable to be sure so they are once again FREE! (I will give Not2Mention 1st dips on the new occy, or if he'd like to wait for the 120^. Either way u can still put an Occ bid in). 1st come, 1st serve. Same as yesturday. Once confirmed, add me on psn and you'll get your goods tonight. Available- Occulus (Clean?) 98^ 97BD, +13, +8, +2, +533 Junbao (Clean?) 95^ 191BD, +3, +666 Spanky (Clean?) 50^ 159BD, 5SPS, +1, +738 I'll also be giving away my two remaining shai's when I eventually outgrow them. If you put a bid on these and it's confirmed please don't pressure for your award bc I'm not sure when they will become obsolete to me. Available TBD Shai (Dirty?) - 139^ 9405 BD, 8SPS, 103, +10, +545 Shai (Dirty?) - 128^ 10085 BD, 8SPS, 57, +5, +338
  13. @Pro- Hahaha, damn bro you literally made me crack up right now. Wtf really goes on in my tavern when i'm not watching??? I would of loved to come back and have seen them pinned to the ceiling. I'm down to do some MM+ runs tomorrow with u, I've been working on 78ing my dps characters so i could max out some res armor and let them hold their own without dying on the main crystal... i'll admit i'm puzzled that 30 x 4 = 87% :/ @Fennimore- I was so grateful to find some cool stuff for free I figured I'd spread the wealth and make someone else's day too :) If you do make a donation to someone be sure to take credit for it tho! I wish there was a way to post messages inside someones tavern... that would be cool as sheet. @CNyce- Shai 99 is all yours bro, hmu on psn to collect your prize @KayDu- NP my dude, may u slay many dirty goblins with this tool of mass destruction :) Good meeting you, we'll run some more maps soon.
  14. I'll take the 100^ Shai if still available. On a side note, I've seen you in the public games lobby and wanted to stop in to say hi but I can never seem to be able to join your tavern. :( Add me up and it's yours for the taking. Stop in and say hi anytime you can bro, Its pretty cool playing with people off this site. I'll admit I'm distracted or absent from my tavern sometimes, but I try my best and respond to most messages. If I can't match up right away i'll keep you in mind next time I run a map.
  15. Pretty sure he was trolling... lol Haha im a noob sometimes I need help
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