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  1. I love how this has exploded. Does anyone know what the Harlem Shake actually is? It's a style of Hip Hop dance that none of these Harlem Shake videos even incorporate... lol
  2. Anything to get rid of Christmas...
  3. So THIS totally happened. Took the screenshot right before I hopped on to kill him. Highlight of my week. :)
  4. So I've been seeing some fishy kobolds. I see some with 8 stats on 600 yet the Kobold is Lv. 1 with 60 upgrades left, and some with 6 stats with 125 upgrades left, etc. Are these real or hacked?
  5. In my experience, King's Game comes out with better drops than Aquanos or Mistymire.
  6. Every MMORPG game turns into some form of grind in endgame until the new content comes out. I'll be playing this game until I clear all the maps, which I haven't yet. I'm really good at economics in a game. I'm good at making money, trading, and making profit. I suck at actually playing. AFK shops here are extremely easy to make profit from. I started coming here onto the forums and the economy on forums is crazy inflated, but I'm trying to earn the mana to convert into MK2s to convert into Cubes so I can get some better gear to do harder maps. I'd grind my own gear if I wanted, but I make bet
  7. I guess I've been lucky with ult drops. My first time making it past wave 20 in King's Game NMHCMM Survival, I saw an ult. :o Congrats though! Before you know it, you'll be seeing more of them blue dots.
  8. I'd probably buy one if it was $10 or something cheap. hahah
  9. Hey! Does anyone know if there are black Santa Hats? Thanks!
  10. We should use these as currency too. :P
  11. Just made the two 1080p ones my wallpapers on dual screen monitors. :D
  12. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?90667-Links-to-Guides This thread is an incredibly comprehensive list of useful guides and current "top end" items.
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