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  1. For some reason, (I srsly have no idea why) 6 out of 7 games I go to, i get kicked. I'm not entering no "don't enter/lvl X+/help please/etc... just ordinary rooms. Of course always am polite, chatting a bit, nothing that normaly will get u booted. I'm entering with my lvl 85 dps monk, good items good resists, can't figure out why i'm getting kicked so much. Is this happening to u too lately or just my luck with idiot hosts? would really love to hear what u think bout this. If needed ill screen my monk + items for reference. If I could host without lag I would, but it's not possible. W
  2. unfortunatly the lvl filter is usless nowdays. Ppl can just "ask for help" aka leech TD NMHCPS for 60m exp a run. lvl 90+ doesn't seem so far away now does it? :D so what you get is a bunch of unexperienced players with high lvld characters, with bad gear.
  3. I usually do ins hc akatiti, sometimes king's nm hc campaign (hero's aren't that high, builders are at 2k+ beside my traps),.
  4. I don't mind it, i would like it actually. My usuall partner is ATM in some "OMFG I GOTTA GET TAVERN KEEPER BARB" craze, so all he does is getting achievs all day, not really fun, either that or begging ppl to let him leech Silent Night NM for santa barb. Anyway, feel free to add me on steam: animeftvv. 1 thing though, i can't host anything, unless u feel like throwing a lil lag party, always fun. -Fury
  5. Gratz u guys, first on finishing the map on ur own, 2nd on not being tempted to leech it rather then build it urself. ur deserve a cookie :D
  6. Thanks everyone, it helped me a lot. xytech explained me today his aqua build, i will try it out tomorrow probably and wil lsee how it goes. if it's a matter of changing the build, this should prove it if we will get to a higher wave than 20.
  7. Those stats sound good enough for most maps, exactly what are you having problems with? survivals mostly. the gear on most these chars is trans/high myth, and i'm having trouble getting to the higher waves of surv to get better things for them. usually fail at aqua nmhc surv, the most ive gotten is to wave 20, but i usually get to 18 from 15, i can't hold the choppers too much and i lose. I tried throne room too b/c i heard it's good, did it a few time but not even a single trans dropped (4-5 runs waves 15-30). Didnt try KG nmhc surv yet, but i can just barely finish the campaign version.
  8. I feel recently that i'm kinda stuck. I feel that my builders aren't strong enough to do maps. I got money to buy decent gear (my bank is currently at 3 cubes 1 mk2 and 50b mana) but i just cant seem to find decent shops ingame, most shops sell bad things, usually overpriced too. But I don't wanna buy gear, I rather farm it myself, getting items urselfs is much more satisfying and fun. And this just goes on and on gear not good enough>can't do levels>cant get better gear etc... So my question for u is, what can i do with my builders? levels aren't an issue since lvling in TD nmhc p
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