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  1. Want to buy an Anti Chais Servo lvl 8 or higher
  2. Looking for a wooden bo for the monk with 5 projectiles, any weight, and 4 shots per second PSN AcMilan427
  3. ill help message me acmilan427
  4. Ryan Holguin Psn:AcMilan427 and I am available at anytime
  5. off with his head I said all of the seahorses are dead and before they were well fed but now their at the oceans bed
  6. I really need to know how to check if I am in the ps3 exp. event and since trendy has changed the website I haven't had any luck finding it someone please help me
  7. always have mic on ps3 AcMilan427
  8. so how shall people know the y are not allowed to upgrade things although they get kicked from other maps because they don't upgrade defenses? ttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuueeeeee
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