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  1. this is a good idea , because when i got invited for the event my connection failed to join , so i couldnt get in the event at all :P
  2. i seen one already upgraded , then one clean a few days later , ITS DUPED , sorry :P
  3. i signed up for the xp event this 2-21-13 and i got invited right ? been on all day just to do it , waiting for that invite , i tryed to join but couldnt , so i messaged Trendyent3 saying invite me again , that person said next game so i waited , he invited me again and i tryed to join and it wouldnt let me again. So i messaged that person AGAIN and i said well cant you do anything about it? Trendyent3 said "im sorry!" i just dont think thats fair that everyone else got to do it but i couldnt , its just not fair .
  4. i always ask for the person , but some people are a little mental it seems and lie alot -_-
  5. is there a way to know for sure a item is duped or not ?
  6. name:drake psn : all_star157 11am - 7:00 central time
  7. i do morrago on insane some what alot and i alot of times i do it solo because no one really joins my lobby at all when im doing a public match , and i find it alot faster on the last wave if theres another person to help me , so if you want last wave invites , put your PSN down below
  8. what might you be looking for for that 179 junbao ?
  9. because , what if i dont have any friends to play with , then i can play public and get a good player , plus i DO ask them to politely to leave
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