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  1. Current on Floor 84. Wanted to know if anyone be Willing to Help me get to Floor 100! Add me on steam if you like to help me out [OT]Wolfmanes Thanks!
  2. anyone else just come back to the game and find it pretty much impossible to do the new mastery game mode? or the fact trying to find a group for them is impossible? C1 sadly i cant even do when C1 first came out i was able to afk the dame ***. I know i can just not do it but with the game changing shards that comes from it pretty much forced to do them.
  3. Anyone know if they are going to add in some kind of Ipwr system? not for Stats or anything. Just to stop lechers from coming into your game and causing you to lose in C3/C4/C5. It is super annoying when you make a public game and 80% at least are lechers to lazy to spend the time to farm the gear up. I no longer do public games after 50+ public games getting almost all lechers that cant even dps. I now only ever play solo and find it rather boring but not suffering with people leching.
  4. Hi, i am trying to find out What weapons i should shoot for on ym barb at lvl 100. I have people tell me ult++ gladius are the best. but i also have people say Eternian Great Swords Ult++ are the best. anyone know what is truly the best to get.
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