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  1. Curious if i am dumb or my RNG is just super bad. Did they remove the Striking gemstone after the episode 1 Patch? I have run over 100 Summit Campaign hardcore maps and have yet to see a striking gemstone. Or is my RNG just that unlucky? I've notice all gemstones after the patch where pushed to 2 targets max and have to re-farm them to get 4 Tower's again.
  2. I love this Game but find it stupidly boring very fast. Rift mode was Added and I was excited for the Extra Challenge it was going to bring. Sadly its really bad! Who the hell though the Gear should be Gated to specific Map's and Specific wave reward Chest! That's so stupid! How to Fix it! - It need's to just be a normal drop chance from any Rift mob - It needs to drop from every Wave reward Chest! (not just 15-25) (who the hell will do Campaign anymore lol) I understand new players if the game even get's any new players. - If there are half the amount of mobs and due to th
  3. 100% ruin the game with the 1.1 patch.Sadly the 1.1 patch ruined the game with a ton of Ninja nerfs and ninja changes to the game and mechanics of the game. Targeting on most towers now is completely ♥♥♥♥ed. You think the big Hitter DST would focus the Ogre. NOPE it will shoot the little spider with 10k hp over killing it by 900k damage. not the Ogre with 15 million HP. They buffed the Difficulty level of the Nightmare mode when it was completely fine before the 1.1 patch. (They added Massacre survival why make the lesser difficulty harder?). They changed the Amount of DU some map's give you t
  4. Anyone else getting Game crashes? i never had this problem before this patch. Game runs fine get to wave 20 out of 25 and game just crashes everytime
  5. They changed it. At first you could start at wave 14 and just farm the pet over and over again. Then last update before 1.1 they made it you have to do waves 13 and 14 for the pet. Now they Ninja changed it so you can only start on wave 12 and have to do 12, 13, and 14 for the pet now. The Change was not needed and honestly should be changed back to wave 13 and 14.
  6. Yea i agree this update to me has been a big let down. They should of just given us EV Mass Survival and Survival bosses. There was no need to Ninja nerf or Ninja change anything about the game. they definitely took this game from a 90-95 to a solid 60 in my eye's. And its sad because i Love tower Defense games and this one does it the best out of all of them.
  7. Yea the game in my eye's was compleyely perfect before this patch. Now i have to farm the first few levels in NMHC because i can't solo farm promenade or Summit anymore due to all the changes and Nerfs they put into the game. I can see for some of it due to people AFKing in almost any and every game but what do you expect from people with full level 100 character all in 100% perfect gear all fully 100% upgraded. No new content forced them to afk. Now with a New level difficulty added they said out of no where lets buff NM for no reason while it was 100% perfect before the patch when everyone w
  8. Why is the DU you get set to 110 on the map The Promenade? it was 140 before and now with this change any of my builds are now completely useless. Was their even a reason for this change?
  9. I join in on a match someone had it the public Listing for The Summit HCNM and we completed wave 14 to get the Dragon Pet. I saw my dragon had 88 upgrade levels and was excited for the massive upgrade it was going to be only to for the Host to kick me and the other 2 players instantly. And the Dragon even with my Auto Loot Filter set to pick up pets did not auto Loot it. Why is it when you are kicked you lose out on all the gear that drops? Hope this gets a Quick Fix Due to its easy to Troll people who join your games knowing this is a thing. But i know the Legacy Transfer was so important whe
  10. Anyone Else have the problem where the small skeletons that are summoned during the wave just walk right past your walls? Failed 15 different times on Mix Mode NMHC Ancient mines just because they walk right past my walls through darkness traps gas traps slowness aura and DST/FBT. I've even tried to put 2 walls down in each lane to them just walking right in between then knowing how shit the Pathing in DD2 was for a long time
  11. I've been enjoying the Game a lot but noticed a lot of the game i get into are super laggy and do not have any lag problems playing solo or even in EA. Is there any Region Selector like in DD2?
  12. Anyone else having the problem mostly for me its on the Promenade map where the Ogre Heli's are pretty much immune to damage till they are almost right over your crystals in the middle of the map? I've Tried focusing DST even right where they spawn and even in the little Alleyway. My range is high enough to reach across the map and at rank 1 they do enough damage to 2 shot them. But for the first 6-8 seconds the Heli's just take no damage at all.
  13. Current on Floor 84. Wanted to know if anyone be Willing to Help me get to Floor 100! Add me on steam if you like to help me out [OT]Wolfmanes Thanks!
  14. anyone else just come back to the game and find it pretty much impossible to do the new mastery game mode? or the fact trying to find a group for them is impossible? C1 sadly i cant even do when C1 first came out i was able to afk the dame ***. I know i can just not do it but with the game changing shards that comes from it pretty much forced to do them.
  15. Anyone know if they are going to add in some kind of Ipwr system? not for Stats or anything. Just to stop lechers from coming into your game and causing you to lose in C3/C4/C5. It is super annoying when you make a public game and 80% at least are lechers to lazy to spend the time to farm the gear up. I no longer do public games after 50+ public games getting almost all lechers that cant even dps. I now only ever play solo and find it rather boring but not suffering with people leching.
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