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  1. Damn just watched the stream should have gave it arms with no legs
  2. add error detection like crc on items but adding stuff that is not as easy as opening cheat engine might be something to look at. Because its going to be client side im sure somebody will always work it out but maybe the odd thing to throw people off might be nice especially on high end items.
  3. Magicites https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188363821
  4. you cant do emerald city non nightmare i tried to do it on medium and easy but it just gets set to nightmare, for some reason when i respec fully into hero damage it just says +1 doing full hp works though
  5. i think that was the change to stop me spawning endless amounts of diamonds
  6. im 101% sure they get nothing but darks love and unicorns
  7. and i can confirm deeper well drops these items
  8. type in the command loadlevel lobbylevel
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