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  1. i don't know which weapons to get for dps characters. can anybody tell me some good ones?
  2. just remember you may run into kids like me who have manner, too bad it isn't more kids who are nice
  3. So many reasons. No discipline, knowing that they are a faceless character who faces no repercussions, aand some are just simply rude little ****s. Far to many, not just on DD, but all over XBL and I'm sure PSN too .hey now person not all kids are like that, like me im kid and i have manners.
  4. anyone watch playstation talk about the ps4?
  5. ps4 might be coming out by the end of this year. but will it dungeon defenders be on it? and if dungeon defenders will be on it could it be able to have pc content?:eek:
  6. Ill check here in a bit after my run and see what i can find for you. ok ill be on here
  7. I will check my item box for you. I MIGHT have something for your level. If I do, I will give it to you to help out. Sorry you have to go through this. if you have a good apprentice staff would be great and a good monk weapon i would be happy ( sadly 2 weapons headhuntress gave me were too high level for me to use)
  8. I have a 92 flayer and a 88 occ for you to get back on your feet, you interested? I would urge others to help if they can. What is your psn?Lil--Tmac
  9. What did you lose? I can donate some things for you, and i'm positive others here will come to your aid, there are a lot of good guys here. Could you please tell us the following: 1. Characters and the levels of each 2. Tower or dps 3. When are you gonna be on. I don't have armor for your level but i do have some weapons. 1.apprentice and huntress both level 74 2. both dps 3.on now
  10. I'm trying to help you out, again, what level were your guy(s)? my main heroes are level 74
  11. Unfortunately, Trendy won't be able to give you back the items you've lost since the game saves locally on consoles. Send them an email to [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email], they might be able to give you your heroes back, decent loot to help you get back on your feet. Good luck! the heroes wasn't lost just the items
  12. I was playing with my little cousins then one walk in and unplugged my ps3. I was thinking that was nothing to worry about then when I got back on dungeon defenders all my stuff that i had was gone. is it anyway i can get my stuff without have to the levels over to get those items?
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