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  1. So 100 cubes for armor and accs only? No Glad/Pet? Yea, using a double capped diamond is better than that pet, and I already have glad, so, I'm pretty much looking for armors and accs.
  2. updated. bump. The set as a whole may be outta the reach of people because of its quality, so like I say in the post, if you're just really into 1 piece like the glad, feel free to bid on only it. If there's interest in splitting it up, then I'd probably be willing to. Really, turn my offer into Armor Set and Accs Set, please.
  3. My offer was on bonus bracers, didn't notice there was a non-bonus bracers. :p
  4. dLight

    Item Check Thread

    ic plz! glad is fine
  5. Don't sell it, you can't imagine how hard it is to get such spawn.
  6. Just add me, I won't be on in next 8 hours or so.
  7. Looking for all kind of accs. Paying in cubes, diamonds, also have non-capping ultimate tower set for trade.
  8. If you are looking for trans set, I think many would just give you for free.
  9. dLight

    Item Check Thread

    Check pleeeeeeeeeeease :huntress: Who would up tower radius and resist?
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