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  1. Yup, same issue here. Tried to host a shop, ran to the tavernkeep as soon as I could and before I could do anything else, the whole game froze. Same happened after restarting the whole pc
  2. First you had my attention, now you have my interest :)
  3. My tendency to touch other people's faces, would be a pleasure with you :) #494
  4. I wish I could make you as happy as a puppy licking your face would :) #492
  5. I don't have any currency atm, besides the last bid done within the auction time limit was from stars, so gz stars :) I'll contact you, thanks for bidding to both
  6. Yeah, I for a second I thought it would be more valuable. Oh well, live and learn eh? I'll update the bids and get rid of the reserve. Also, 1 hour to go
  7. soikura

    Item Check Thread

    Could I get an ic on this thing? :) thank you in advance :)
  8. Hello I would like to sell this thing I found during my first moonbase marathon. Not that great, I know but I cant look at it for long. It makes me depressed. (why did it have to get neg tower stats???) and yes, the blocked tower stats are around -100 Anyway, I'll get an ic asap, I accept cubes, diamonds and coal as currency Diamonds, nocap,single,ddouble = 6/12/20 I will end this on sunday 17:00 (gmt+2) C/0 3 coal Stars thanks for looking! -Soikuri
  9. Dang, my guide is still relevant? :3 I'll try to get my butt online next week and if you have not done it by then, i can run you :) Also, sorry if this is bumping an old thread ':D xoxo
  10. :( Thanks guys for all the great work you have done :)
  11. Wait, I can haz them for free? Man, I am going to be rich :D Acen, they are more valuable than earths so you should hold on to them :D
  12. And that is about it. As we did not get more bids, ending time was 12:00 and as it is 12:04.... Ze winner is Kirby! Congrats! Thanks to everyone who participated :)
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