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  1. As this is one of the 2 things I actually still want in this game let's say 60 CV.
  2. raising buyouts after people bid, seems good
  3. omg that censoring....how did someone with so few posts get such amazing taste..... 5cv and you should have more details for what currency you want and rate them at
  4. 10 cv boneyard blade. its a cute little item. guess you are clearing out your event squire builder items hehe. I like that the buyout is higher for boneyard :p
  5. 20 cv shield of mirrors
  6. 8 cv, could be nice on an upgrader :D
  7.  Hello All \o/  Just going to auction these drops i have had for awhile and aren't using (cuz some aren't great). All farmed by me https://imgur.com/a/dbZBz9O Currency accepted: cubes (5:9:20 diamonds) Diamonds are valued more highly if they are pretty colors (add 1 cv value to them lol) I can accept events for now at reasonable values I will consider trade proposals for armor that i might use (ult+/++) Some people that I don't trust or seem suspicious will not be allowed to bid or offers ignored This will run for a week (Until 2/27) with anti sniping rules extending duration for items with last second bids etc.(going to keep things as fair as possible for everyone) Don't really care about minimums for the bad pieces. Good pieces will need to reach a reasonable value Pristine helmet-8cv ger. Buyout 15 CV Chain chest-6cv escev. Buyout 10cv Chain gloves-bought out Pristine boots- 1cv thales. Buyout 3 CV Thanks for looking :D -ya boi uber
  8. Don't do it!! Even though it would be the second best casting rate piece ever, it would be a terrible waste and the DD gods would hate you forever Obviously an ab1 piece :squire:
  9.  This was what he linked in discord so i assume its this \o/
  10. I mean if you ever want to sell coal or cubes feel free to add me I can stock anyone up whenever lol. Moonbase survival farming gets you so much mana
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