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  1. you welcome ;D i really dont have any idea.
  2. go to this topic to see what they have done so far.
  3. well this is a bug they have fix this was not intended for the early access. Disabled the ability to toggle split screen. This was unintended for this portion of Early Access, and was creating an unenjoyable experience for those able to activate it.
  4. Atm there is No splitscreen you have to wait for the full game
  5. The summit campaign mode - Chromatic gemstone
  6. First of all sorry for my english and the poor sound quality on the videos i was testing some stuff for streaming. I do hope u guys can use some of the info here to help u complete chaos 7 Note all my stuff are chaos 7 now, so the pictures are only for guide from what im using atm, i have used the relics here also from chaos 5 to 6 then 7. Tips the Zapper: From what i have exp you should not do damage to the boss only when he hits like 4-6 mil and u have to nuke/stun it fast there and hope for the best ;D The best way to kill is upgrading all your towers on the lane he will come out off (And by tower i mean auras ;D) Update: seems like the Zapper gets aggro on towers so u can sell them or stun him when he hits the 4-6 mil break point, i would recomend just stun him when he is about to do the flying exploding thing ;D and nuke him there. A little moment from my stream: Kaboom Killing him: Zapper Kill Upgrad and Repair: When i started chaos 7 my walls where at 3.4 mil and from what i have exp u should only repair them dont upgrad. and upgrad your auras pdts, this way u wall dont take that much damage, also if u have issus with you walls being at 10% health then just upgrade them. Video: (i had some problems trying to upload them to youtube so i gonna link the video stream i was doing with time stamp so just click on the link for what map u would like to see) Click on the map name to the see the build. Crumbled Bulwark Build Dragonfall Sewers Greystone plaza Nimbus Reach (Failed for not upgrading my PDT to air) (still have some problems with this build, im skipping it ;D) Monk Dps - Aura and Sky Guard (I dont like the sky guard beware ;P) Aura: Click here to see picture Sky Guard: Click here to see picture Ascension: Click here to see picture Hunter: PDT Click here to see picture Ascension: Click here to see picture Squire: Wall And Canon towers Wall: Click here to see picture Canon: Click here to see picture Ascension: Click here to see picture And sorry for the bad stream and sound
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