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  1. Do you have hardcore on? It will kill you before the boss will Come. Its a big right now.
  2. its you best bet to do them all, i have done them all and i can play them all
  3. have you completed the campaign mode in insane mode every map ?
  4. I can only say you are so right. This patch should have been worked/tested more in my opinion. (Im missing the wow effect right now for the game) The movement speed is also no exciting when you have Mista Mine. (Just a jock to have him equipped) Im trying to understang what the developers are trying to do, but the wait (not that bad was cheering for a awesome update without flaws) There is a lot of people in here that would be more then glad to test the patch out before releasing it, the tester for this patch must have been asleep i kinda just a little lost some respect i do really hope that they will be fixing this fast. Update: The ogres are dumb as F*** now just standing and doing nothing when they are coming up to a tower. CG next time dont listen to all the kids in here screaming for a patch dont be like all the other developers just releasing something that dont work, you should have maybe worked on this for 2 weeks more or let the community help you spot all the bugs. Im pretty upset now, next time release the patch in the time you have announced or just tells us that it will be a week or 2 more i really dont know what to say to this is so upsetting. Update 2: When you are losing a survival game and go back to tavern nothing on the map is auto loot, and you cant start a new game or close the game because of some bug.
  5. well they have deleted my bracers that i had on my monk and app and 2 of them are that was in my inventory was buffed to 2500 ipwr
  6. from what i know there is no point in going power or def rate it dont benefit from it, health and range is the best. At this moment there are no way to look at it. you can take notes from hits from orges when they are standing in the aura and when not.
  7. you welcome ;D i really dont have any idea.
  8. go to this topic to see what they have done so far.
  9. im sorry to hear mate nothing els but to wait for an update ;(
  10. you might be able to custom you controller in the options config file but this will take time if you are up for it. the only thing i can tell from it is that you have to type what you what after the (Key=Gamepad_facebutton_Left Im not sure what facebutton. but im pretty sure that Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Left is (PS Cross) (Xbox X) so lets say you want to keybind it to (PS Triangel) (Xbox Y) you will have to do something in this line (Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Left,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False),bIsHeldAction=False,bIsHeldOnlyAction=False,HeldActionThreshold=1.000000,HeldActionTimeConsideredPressed=0.200000)) To (color is changing part) (Key=Gamepad_FaceButton_Top,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False),bIsHeldAction=False,bIsHeldOnlyAction=False,HeldActionThreshold=1.000000,HeldActionTimeConsideredPressed=0.200000)) This will take alot of time and you really have to read every line to get it into you liking if you are up for it ;D Oh and a good thing to do is backup the file when you have saved it, if is lost, if you dint hit the read only button :P
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